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Gastrokid: Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv evokes contrasting emotions. No people who are indifferent or resistant attachment, or strong rejection. Lovers of tel Aviv praise Bauhaus architecture, beautiful beaches, an atmosphere of relaxation and fun that fills the streets day and night. And those who are not conquered by the city, note the lack of “cultural layer” and carelessness in relation to cleanliness. The true face of tel Aviv is somewhere in the middle: it is noisy and full of drive, and romantic and urban, a little neglected and multicultural, infinitely alive.

Victoria Reshulsky,
food&travel columnist, journalist
To feel his pulse, turn on the “here and now” mode to the maximum and open your eyes (and heart) wide – the city will surely captivate you.

10 places in tel Aviv not to be missed:
The Port Of Jaffa

According to the ancient Greek myth, here Perseus freed Andromeda, and in the old Testament it was in this port that Noah built the ark. From myths and legends there were narrow stone streets, low houses as if stuck to each other and eternal, all remembering the sea. Today Jaffa is a large open-air Museum, including galleries and churches, nice cafes and shops, museums and monuments. This is where the Bridge of Desires, decorated with signs of the zodiac (did you know that the signs do not correspond to the months of the Gregorian, and the Jewish calendar?) and the labyrinth inhabited by Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Virgo and others. To wish just came true, throw a coin into the fountain in the square Kedumim, finding your sign. Very close to the street Mazal Arya is an unusual sculpture – floating orange tree, the same symbol of the city as the Apple in new York.
Tel Aviv Museum of Art (TAMA)

The main point on the city map for art lovers. There are Monet and Renoir, Matisse and Modigliani, Picasso and Pollock. It is the largest art Museum in Israel and the flagship of modern art. Created TAMA by decree of Meir Dizengoff, in his speech at the opening, he noted that the population of the new city needs not only houses, but also inoculation aesthetes and harmony. In fact, it is not even one Museum, but a complex of buildings, including the pavilion of modern art Elena Rubinstein, sculpture Garden, art School and “Temple of modernism”.

Gabim Square (Abim, Habimah Square)

The square is located in front of the theater of the same name and looks like an oasis: powerful trees, blooming flower bed “Sunken garden”, a flat mirror fountain, a monument to the 100th anniversary of the city – an iron structure, symbolizing 100 km of bike paths, equipped for the anniversary. The Habima theatre is the oldest repertory theatre of Israel, based in Moscow, its origins were Stanislavsky, supported the initiative of the actor Naum David Tzemach create a theatre with a repertoire in Hebrew. For rehearsals of the troupe were allocated a Studio at the Moscow art theatre, and artistic Director Evgeny Vakhtangov. After a big tour of Europe and America, the company decided not to return to Moscow, and moved to Palestine. However, this is another story. If you do not speak Hebrew yet, you can visit the theater Gesher (Sderot Yerushalayim, 7) – the most famous among the Russian-speaking population.


Tel Aviv is often called the White city because of the areas with the world’s largest concentration of Bauhaus houses Dating from 1920-1950 (all of them are protected by UNESCO). You can just walk on Rothschild Boulevard, the streets Bialik and Disegi or thoroughly immersed in the theory in the Bauhaus Center (Dizengoff, 77).

Benedict Breakfast Restaurant

National sport in which the inhabitants of Israel are Champions – the art is well there. Therefore, you need to learn the rules of the game and honestly engage in an unequal battle in the name of taste with calories Breakfast Place, the famous and outside the city – Benedict Breakfast Restaurant (Ben Yehuda, 171). Breakfast here from morning until late at night, the menu –and traditional shakshuka and eggs Benedict with salmon, shrimp or bacon, cowboy, Mexican and English breakfasts, they are sure to find tomato sauce and sausages. And Steak & Eggs includes 200‑gram steak, potatoes and fried eggs. Each Breakfast includes a basket with bread, butter, chocolate paste and jam. Also included is a drink such as tea, coffee, orange juice or sparkling.

Zoological center “Safari” in Ramat Gan (SderatHatsvi 1, RamatGan)

100 hectares of almost wild nature, the habitat of the African Savannah is completely recreated here. It is not only a zoo with enclosures, but a reserve where animals move freely, live, communicate. Just like life. The “Safari” – 1600 animals from around the world, including 130 birds and 25 reptiles.


The most famous market of the city is called Carmel or SHUK Carmel and is located on the same street. It is a typical big and noisy Oriental Bazaar, where everything is available – from Souvenirs and Oriental sweets to cheeses, fish, meat and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Prices are lower than in stores. Be careful, the market is closed on Saturdays.


Drinks in tel Aviv like no less than to eat, so it is impossible to allocate one bar. Let’s denote the most atmospheric.

Bellboy (Berdichevsky, 14) – in a good sense, old-fashioned, in the right sense, a stylish bar with leather sofas, paintings, hidden in the depths of the hotel Berdichevsky velvet curtains. The elegance of the interior is also quoted in drinks, in which they are not served only by bartenders in black gloves – in shells, in baths, and to offer the guest a shot, bartender uses a whole vintage cart! On Fridays and Saturdays, impeccable brunches are served from 11:00-16:00.

bar belboy tel Aviv
The elegant colonial-style Library Bar (Nachmani, 25) at The Norman hotel. In a nutshell, it is dignified, noble (in the afternoon there is even a ceremony fiveo’clocktea) and very respectable. It is better to book a table in advance and you should know that the prices are higher by 10%.

Passerella fashion bar (Nahalat Binyamin, 52) is described as the first molecular bar. The name translated from Italian means “podium”, so all the fashionistas of the city, of course, here. You can not only get drunk, but also to join the modern fashion: the bar regularly hosts shows of local designers.

Giyora (Bar Giyora, 4) is famous for its live concerts and its picturesque garden, where Breakfast and dinner are served in summer. Local people come here not only for performances of soul Blues and rock musicians or dance to Giyora Band, but also for lunch with the whole family.

Old port (Namal)

According to its main purpose, the port has not been operating for a long time, the space has been turned into a public location of entertainment. Here you can walk, enjoy the takeoffs and landings of aircraft in Sde‑dov, do yoga with sea views in Elleyoga (the best school in the country, which holds 80 lessons a week), buy products at the farmer’s market, open Michael Anski (there are many organic fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh bread, wine, local cheeses), to support the economy of Israel shekel in Comme il faut. This store was opened by two friends in 1988, the main idea is not only trade, but also the promotion of feminism, the empowerment of women (the company employs only four men). In one space are collected: clothing, accessories, eco-cosmetics and women‑friendly sexshop.

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