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Where to celebrate the wedding in autumn?

The peak of weddings falls on the beginning of autumn. During this period, the newlyweds will meet not as hot weather as in summer, and unpredictable and capricious. Today the sun can Shine, tomorrow – there is a heavy rain. Weather surprises can be enough, and it is impossible to predict the rainy season (forecasters are also often wrong). The way out is to find a great place where you can hold a wedding ceremony in case of rain and celebrate the wedding in a comfortable environment. Where to celebrate the wedding in autumn? Below we publish a list of places where you will be welcome.

The concert-hall “Allegro”
Nivki, victory Avenue, 84

Here will come those who can not live without scope. Who needs a Grand celebration, with guests at least a hundred people, with a chic show program, fireworks, tricks and the like. It is a celebration you can arrange in this institution.

Wedding hall in Kiev, which would be both cozy, comfortable and spacious, today is not easy to find. Concert hall “Allegro” offers you the best Banquet halls for weddings in Kiev, which will allow you to choose not only the desired capacity, but also one of several original interiors, order the appropriate decor and decoration of the hall.

Stetsenko street, 12/116

And if you abandon the traditional Ukrainian cuisine in favor of the East? For example, do you know the menu of Azerbaijani cuisine? If not, then you definitely need to order a Banquet in this institution. The restaurant will gladly accept up to 100 of your guests and arrange an unforgettable evening or a whole day within its walls.

street of zhmerinskaya, 30

Wedding Banquet hall. It is covered with a soft carpet and snow-white fabric drapery from the inside, which creates an atmosphere of Bohemian and eternal holiday. Crystal chandeliers, stylized Greek columns in combination with stage equipment and a modern karaoke system create the necessary mood. What kind of wedding without songs? The walls around the place are dotted with miniature family portraits of August persons, and the plasma screens are edged with gilded framing frames. In a small separate VIP-hall – a collection of porcelain figures, clocks and candlesticks on the tables, as in the old noble estates. The restaurant’s cuisine is almost not limited to anything – there are Caucasian kebabs, Ukrainian dumplings in a pot, Italian pizza with pasta, and popular European salads, and meat with exquisite author’s sauces. The same applies to the bar card, especially rich in the selection of cocktails. For a wedding – just the perfect choice!

Steak House Goodman
Vyshgorod district, village of hotyanovka

The complex is located on the banks of the Dnieper, just 9 kilometers from Kiev. Near – pine forest, the territory is a beautiful lake where you can even go fishing. Three Banquet halls on different floors with a capacity from 25 to 170 guests are suitable for the autumn season. The complex includes: restaurant, hotel, holiday homes with kitchen, sauna, fireplace, outdoor terrace. If you want a wedding of your dreams, and that nothing and no one will spoil it, it is necessary to hold a celebration here. Who but professionals can be trusted with one of the most important days in your life?

Podol, Vozdvizhenskaya street, 60A,b

The highlight of the hotel and restaurant is a luxurious panoramic terrace on the roof of the hotel and a private garden slope with cozy terraces for relaxation, which originates in the 18th century from the famous Apothecary gardens on the slopes of St. Andrew. Why do we recommend this place for an autumn wedding? It was created for this! The weather will be nice and you will spend the day in the garden and on the terrace. If suddenly the sky is overcast, the wedding will move to the restaurant. And do not forget about the hotel, well, when after the Banquet do not need to go anywhere, and have the opportunity to relax in a chic place!

Also, the institution offers an author’s menu from the Chef with a preliminary tasting, making a wedding cake and the most favorable conditions for the Banquet budget.

The terrace staff is always ready to take into account all the nuances and wishes of the newlyweds. Equally important in the planning and preparation of activities in the hotel designed decor, table setting and color scheme of the wedding Banquet in a variety of styles!

Shevchenko, victory square, 1
This place was designed for the perfect wedding. Why? It’s very simple, no one bothers anyone, everyone is full and happy. What else do guests need at a magnificent Banquet? And in General, the motto of this institution is: “we have everything to make you comfortable.” Usually for such loud statements worth nothing, but not here. The restaurant with huge experience can be ready to any desire of the guest. For banquets are generally ideal conditions. There are three halls where up to a hundred people can have fun. Choose which one you prefer! A large room guarantees comfort, no need to huddle at a small table – spacious green light. Kitchen familiar from childhood, only with European gloss and refinement. An important fact, the city center, easy access to all, and no matter what you plan to move.

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