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This is it: Results of 2018 and trends of 2019

It’s time to sum up. Opening of the year, the best restaurant and trends for 2019 – in our article. Briefly and without unnecessary sentiment. Just the facts!
Opening of year
In the first half of 2018, all gastronomic journalists and the food court of the capital spoke only about the impressive size of the cutlet with cranberry sauce and airy bread with a crisp from the new restaurant “Gorynych”. The new brainchild of Boris Zarkov – the owner of the holding White Rabbit Family – won the hearts and stomachs of the Moscow public. The concept of the restaurant revolves around the fire – the Firebird in the interior, a huge three-ton oven in the center of attention and the Sizzling meat on the grill.
In the new restaurant Stories on Kotelnicheskaya embankment chef Vladislav Korpusov shares his gastronomic ideas. The pride of the restaurant – “flambadu” – flambé beef fat. This technique Vlad brought from an internship in Sweden and uses it in some dishes in front of the astonished audience.

Until now, in the capital there was no such institution – in 2018 opened the first bar Pr11, which is entirely dedicated to Prosecco and its combination with food. In autumn, the line of sparkling wine was launched under its own brand.

“Little Japan in the center of the capital” – so everyone says about the bistro j’pan, and we are no exception. No you California and sashimi, only authentic dishes from different parts of Japan: donburi from Tokyo, okonomiyaki from Hiroshima, vagasi from Kyoto, cheesecakes from Osaka, famous Japanese waffles shaped like fish with toppings and the updated range of desserts based on matcha.

j’pan restaurant
The perfect place for dates, fine breakfasts and friendly meetings – restaurant Buro Tsum opened on the roof of the TSUM. The duet of talented chefs – Vladimir Chistyakov and Dmitry Zotov – combined in one menu time-tested classics and current gastronomic trends. Tartars, carpaccio and crudo, Japanese oysters, farm quail and veal cheeks, and the Lyon grill, which accelerates the temperature to 600 degrees, which is good for the products.

In August of the year in Moscow opened its doors to the first “Verrucaria” from “C. I. D. R. group”. The concept of the bar is built around vermouth, cocktails based on them and simple and clear food from concept chef Carlo Grecu.

At the end of the year, everyone started talking about the white Rabbit Family again – Sakhalin opened in Azimut Smolenskaya. The restaurant is a luxurious attraction with fresh seafood on the menu, panoramic views of the capital, white tablecloths, original dishes and exemplary staff. Brand‑chef Vladimir Mukhin, the chef – Vitaly Istomin Alexey kogay – the stars of the restaurant industry. If you haven’t been to Sakhalin yet, now is the time.

Best restaurant of the year
On October 24, the awarding ceremony of the best restaurants according to the WHERETOEAT Moscow award took place in Gum. Palm took the restaurant of the brothers Berezutsky Twins Garden. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, fish, poultry and milk for cheese are all from the brothers ‘ own farm, which is near Kaluga. The wine list consisting of 1000 items is a special pride of the restaurant, restaurateurs call it the largest in Russia.

Irina Avrutskaya,
curator of “marketing” direction in Novikov School
Wasteless production

In the West, the trend for waste-free production is strong for 5-6 years. Russian chiefs turned to this idea recently. And let the concept of “from horns to tail” or “from top to spine” a year ago was exotic and the lot of the most progressive restaurants in 2019, the idea of reducing food waste will become more popular outside the Moscow ring Road.


The fashion for healthy eating pushes people to experiment.

A few days a week do not eat meat or stick to a silent diet for two weeks – people are trying different models of nutrition, trying to find the most comfortable mode for your body. It’s called flexitarianism. In order to satisfy the special and often changing eating habits of guests, restaurants will have to enter the menu marks gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan dishes and other special dishes.
The culture of Breakfast in restaurants in Russia is still developing. But in some cities in the morning there is increased demand. At the same time, light and healthy dishes of the morning menu – cheesecakes or croissant with salmon, are well suited for a snack during the day. That is why many restaurateurs extend the morning menu for the whole day or limit it to later hours – until 13:00 or 16:00.

Seeds Of Nuts,
founder of Taste of Wine by Novikov project, Novikov School teacher
Own wine

Drinking wine is now more interesting than ever. New varieties, forms, places — the wine boom does not cease. Trend 2019 – wines under its own brand: both individual projects and collaborations with wineries and suppliers.

Non-alcoholic Mixology (coffee and tea cocktails)

Conscious consumption contributes to the emergence of a wide non-alcoholic cocktail lists at restaurants and even the emergence of monotonicaly projects, for example, Chinese Gong Cha with tea cocktails.

Bar revolution acquires new colors. Interesting presentation of the cocktail is now 50% success rate. Edible shots, dry ice, cocktails in syringes and test tubes, in robots or on a pillow of moss — who is in that much.

Nitro coffee, cold brew, espresso tonics, coffee tea – the coffee industry is experiencing a rebirth. Experimental drinks appear not only in small creative coffee shops, but also in the range of the largest networks. In 2019, we will definitely drink coffee in a new way.

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This is it: Results of 2018 and trends of 2019
It's time to sum up. Opening of the year, the best restaurant and trends for 2019 – in our article. Briefly and without unnecessary sentiment. Just the facts! Opening of…