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In the spotlight: Bread
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Have a Toba with the sea bass, trofie tuna and copyright Baba

We met the new chef of Moscow restaurants Nobu, visited the recently opened Italian restaurant “Mom will be glad” and the Russian-French Leo, looked at the Central market and the time-tested “Erwin. Recoveration” – will tell you what to eat, if there is time.
The Restaurant “Erwin Recoveration»
Address: Kutuzovsky PR., 2/1, p. 6

Three years ago, Alexander Rappoport opened on the site of a good restaurant Erwin even more luxurious “Erwin. Recoveration” at more than two hundred landings. Huge restaurant with a chic interior and a rich selection of fish and seafood on the menu. It attracts the cream of society – to show themselves and to see others. We went to the restaurant for black cod at a shocking price – 580 rubles. In the menu you will not find this dish, it is offered in the framework of the action until the end of January. In addition to black cod, there are many more dishes that deserve the attention of your receptors.

“Erwin. Recoveration»
The interior of the restaurant “Erwin. Recoveration»

Start your dinner with stroganina: sockeye salmon (420 rubles), muksun (460 rubles), halibut (620 rubles) and nelma (600 rubles) served with sauces and spices. Do not be distracted, dip the pieces in salt or sauce and send in your mouth – melts instantly! A fragrant sauté of seafood stewed with Baku tomatoes (1350 rubles) will help to warm up on a winter evening. Order and wait for the magic – the dish will be prepared right in front of you with the help of a burner. Be sure to get to the desserts.We could not, but take my word for it – they say it’s something incredible.

Restaurant “Mom will be glad! di Giacomo Lombardi»
Address: Pushkinskaya sq., 2

In December, on the first floor of the theater “Russia” opened an Italian restaurant “Mother will be glad” chef Giacomo Lombardi (Community) and holding RESTart Vasilchuk Brothers (“Chaykhona № 1”, “Chaykhona Easy”, ObedBufet, Burger Heroes, “354”). The menu is based on traditional Tuscan dishes and secret recipes of the Lombardi family. For a snack, take vitello tonato (690 rubles) – thinly sliced pickled veal, seasoned with onion pesto and tuna sauce. We recommend to share a snack with a friend, because to leave without pasta is unforgivable, but here it is quite satisfying. The menu includes about twenty species – short, long, ravioli recipe mother Giacomo and stuffed.

The contender for the hit of the institution is a trophy with tuna (680 rubles) – Ligurian twisted pasta with fresh tuna, juicy tomatoes and bright pesto sauce. Tender cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach, with tomato sauce and Béchamel (550 rubles) do not lag behind. Quail with potatoes and porcini mushrooms (950 rubles) – the favorite dish of the chef’s mother – will become your favorite. If the dessert is not enough strength and space in the stomach, be sure to bring a couple of items, you will not regret. Our choice fell on lemon tart (210 RUB.) with a lush cap of meringue and Italian “aphrodisiac” – tiramisu (390 RUB.). All pies and cakes can be taken home entirely.

Leo restaurant
Address: Lev Tolstoy str. 23 p. 1

In Khamovniki there is a new place for leisurely Lunches and friendly meetings – restaurant Leo, which does not leave the feeling that you are sitting at a party with his grandmother, and at the same time traveling to the regions of France for foie Gras, Olivier and onion soup. To warm up, take beef tartare on smoked potato chips (960 rubles) or Mimosa, cooked according to the classic recipe (520 rubles). Quite good and branded Nicoise with dense tuna meat, covered with a crispy sesame crust (680 rubles.).

Beetroot salad with goat cheese (420 rubles) is decorated with orange jelly cubes, and terrine of foie Gras (1200 rubles) – charming purple pasta. For hot choose between Fire chicken cutlet with mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce (680 rubles) and baked sea bass fillet with parsnip mousse (720 rubles). Fix the material on the Russian-French cuisine author’s rum Baba (480 rubles.) with hazelnut praline – it’s not only delicious, but also beautiful.

Nobu Restaurant
Address: Bolshaya Dmitrovka, d. 20 page 1

The beginning of the year in a Moscow restaurant Nobu marked by a change of chefs in the kitchen now reigns the Greek Vasilios Papatheodorou. Vasilius began his culinary career in the ranks of the Greek army, and then moved to the United States, where he successfully worked in Portland institutions for 10 years. In the gastronomic Empire Nobu Matsuhisa Vasilius works seventh year. The chef moved to Moscow a month and a half ago and is ready to surprise the spoiled Metropolitan audience with author’s Mediterranean dishes, preserving the style of the big Nobu family.
The chef Vasilios Papatheodorou

We advise you to start acquaintance with the new chef with the Royal crab in tempura and ceviche miso sauce and orange slices. For hot, take a toban with sea bass and a mix of vegetables and mushrooms with Yuzu sauce – a real vacation in the pan. In Greece, Basilius cooked this dish with local fish John Dori, in Moscow, his choice fell on the sea bass. The perfect culmination of the evening will be a new dessert from the chef-confectioner Shimamori – Bento box. Warm chocolate cake of rice flour with liquid chocolate inside in the company of ice cream from the match.

king crab in tempura
Left: king crab tempura and the ceviche miso sauce and orange slices on the Right: the Toba with the sea bass and mixed vegetables and mushrooms with Yuzu sauce

Restaurant “do Not confuse the shore»
Address: Rozhdestvensky bul., D. 1. Central market, floor -1

The Central market of replenishment of the food from the seafood “do Not confuse the shore” from a young restaurateur Kristina Novikova took his place on the ground floor. The basis of the menu, as you can guess, is fish and seafood, delivered daily from different parts of our vast and Mediterranean countries. For a light snack or a solid lunch, you can choose a position from the ice showcase and solemnly hand over to the chef at the mercy of his author or your secret recipe.

Chinese tuna Tartar pairs perfectly with guacamole and peanut sauce (530 rubles). Do not worry about the pomegranate seeds in the plate – they are for the crunch and the characteristic acidity, which does not overlap the main ingredient. Do not know what to choose – take a salad with shrimp and orange oil (470 rubles.). Love the packaging, simple, easy and delicious and satisfying – and this should be food for Central.

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