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Truth in wine: Where to learn wine culture in Moscow

To drink or not to drink – it is not a question! Question: what to drink and how to choose. Today we will analyze where to learn wine culture in Moscow: from one-time lectures to professional courses sommelier. To mention all impossible, will tell about the most clearest!
Master classes, tastings and lectures
There are plenty of offers. In fact, every day in one of the bars in Moscow is some cool tasting.

“No, only wine!»

Super format of friendly meetings-tastings, which are held once a month in different bars of Moscow. This is a good opportunity to learn new things about wine by choosing the topic of interest: “Pinot Noir”, “Find Burgundy. Red to fish”, “Dark horses: we try wines from little-known grape varieties”. Lead tasting famous wine critic Anton Obrezchikov and his friend, musician Dima Astakhov, so the cognitive part is always diluted with musical five-minute.

Sinners & Beginners

A new bar, which connects wine and art in a joint tasting. Famous wine pros are invited here. Tasting biodinamica Pavel Shvets, tasting of orange (trend 2019), in April tasting the wines of Germany and Austria – in General, I wonder about the wines from the main experts of Moscow.

“Wine Bazaar»

Good atmosphere, pleasant live communication and no academic – so are tasting in the network “Wine Bazaar”. Often adhere to the game form, for example, arrange a wine casino. There is another interesting format when the sommelier and guests need to guess the wine that was brought by one of the participants of the meeting. The network is large, so there are always several tastings a week.

Importer and a network of wine boutiques, where several times a month are cool tasting. I especially like “What? Where? Wine!”. The game is designed for a company of 6 to 20 people. You will be divided into two teams, each must be selected captain. Further as in the famous game: spinning top, stretched card with the question of wine, strong alcohol, culture of consumption and interesting facts. In a minute it is necessary to give the correct answer. At the end of the game the winner gets a prize.
New and interesting formats

In 2019 in Moscow started the first course of the new wine school “Horizon”. And he was the first in Russia focused on practice and obtaining the necessary professional knowledge and skills in the work of the sommelier.

Creating a sommelier Studio “Horizon” is a logical step. The number of wine schools is growing, but who graduates of these schools – remains a mystery. Today, most of the programs are focused on teaching the theory of wine: geography, regional features and tasting techniques. However, the diploma of most wine courses does not give an understanding of how to work with the system of EGAIS (approx. ed. – unified state automated information system), for example.

The Studio sommelier “Horizon” will teach how to make a wine list that meets modern realities and formats, how to communicate with guests, talk about the commercial policy of wine trading companies in Russia – the course program is developed by practicing sommeliers and market experts, daily working with wine in restaurants, wine bars and wine trading companies.

I Like Wine School

In the restaurant holding Perelman People (I Like Wine, I Like Wine 2.0., Beer&Brut, “Hungry – angry”), there was a school where you can learn the basics of wine culture from scratch. The course is designed for two months of four classes each. Lead sommelier holding Elena Lebedeva and Andrey Abramov. In the program: classical white and red wines, global trends, New world wines, sparkling and champagne, dessert wine and pairing (that is, the basic principles of combining food and wine). Training is free, but you need to take part in the competition, which is held in Facebook restaurants I Like Wine and I Like Wine 2.0 under the hashtag #ilikewineschool. Watch for a new set of social networks.


Wine People

In an independent school sommelier Wine People the main emphasis is on wine as an art. The manufacturer of the drink is a sacrament performed by nature with the help of the winemaker, the supply – not the sale, and the ritual. The school is very honest and uncompromising approach to the selection of wines and themes. In an effort to provide objective information to its students, the management coordinates the selection of beverages for tasting exclusively with teachers, not with importing companies. For those who want to get a unique and interesting profession, the school offers a fascinating and informative course of lectures of 40 lessons (each lasting 3 hours) and 10 master classes. Both program lectures and additional seminars are held in Moscow by respected wine experts and journalists.

Wine school “Enotria” – the official training project of the Russian Association of sommeliers (RAS) and the only one in Russia whose program, according to the International Association of sommeliers (ASI), meets the highest international standards. The school offers a huge range of programs for beginners, Amateurs and, of course, professional sommelier courses.

In experience, this is the most popular wine school in the country. If you are a graduate of enotria, many doors are open to you.


WineState – sommelier school in the center of Moscow (Korobeynikov per., 1). This wine shop and tasting room, equipped according international standards, and culinary Studio, and club food and wine travel. After completing the course WineState you get a diploma of the state tile and the opportunity to find a job in wine boutiques and Moscow restaurants. The program also includes master classes, lectures,tastings and wine events for lovers and those who are just interested in wine.

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