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How not to “hussar” in a status restaurant and be satisfied: tips for any wallet

There are few people who do not like to visit restaurants. It always gives a festive mood and makes you feel status. But how to protect yourself from the bitter disappointment that arises when the purse was empty, and instead of the joy of the dishes there is only a full stomach and a sense of frustration? The material will focus on what dishes should and should not be preferred when visiting the restaurant, if you plan a “budget” visit that will not hit the wallet.
1. Do not take dishes that are in fast food are three times cheaper and taste better

Pizza is better to order in a pizzeria.

In a status restaurant, the cost of a pizza or a portion of ice cream can make such a stable expression as “eyes on a Nickel”materialize. Do not forget that you are in the institution of “some kind of extra charge category”, which means that you pay more for beautiful interiors than for food and cooking. If you want to eat pizza, it is more reasonable to go to a time-tested pizzeria, where you will get guaranteed thin dough and great taste.

And if you certainly want to finish the evening with dessert, then go to another, now a budget institution. And the time to go and walk on foot just the same will contribute to the fact that the food is partially digested, and you will be ready for dessert (it is recommended to eat dessert 20-30 minutes after the main course).

2. Do not plan to drink a lot of alcohol

As a rule, half a liter of beer costs 3-4 times more in the restaurant than in the shop next door. A glass of vodka – 5-8 times. Complicated cocktails with trendy names, too, the imagination of its cost. Therefore, we can safely say that the most expensive dish in restaurants is alcohol. Always consider this when planning a budget trip to the restaurant. One glass of wine will be the most competent choice and will keep your health.

In addition, not all institutions are perfectly honest administration. It may be that for the wine of elite brands you can give the product of the local distillery. Buying alcohol in a restaurant is always fraught with the risk of being deceived.

3. Do not take meat dishes, which is included in almost daily diet
Why order chicken cutlets, which cost in the restaurant as much as you will give in the company butcher shop for 3-4 kilograms of broiler chicken? It is much more reasonable to treat yourself to a dish of meat that is not cooked at home. It can be beef, lamb, veal. Such meats capricious in cooking, so modern housewife rarely taken for their creation.

The same goes for birds: look for Turkey or duck dishes in the menu. Thus, a trip to the restaurant will enrich your gastronomic experience and allow you to compare different types of meat. This is very useful information for the future for everyone.

4. Do not take dishes that you already eat at home

It is better to give preference in the restaurant to such dishes that you will not be able to cook at home. It can be dishes with seafood, sushi, difficult baked meat dishes, options of national dishes which are prepared with use of technologies and the equipment which are not present you at home, for example, dishes of the Korean WOK cuisine.

It is enough to look, for example, at the rolls with red fish in the restaurant to understand that only a professional chef can twist and cut them so subtly. Such dishes will always please the eye and stomach.

5. Not to take meals which are guaranteed bloating

Such a dish, for example, as lasagna, is of interest by its name. But we should be afraid of pitfalls. In fact, it’s a hell of a mixture of pasta with meat. This means that by and large this beautiful word hides a giant Burger (or a huge sandwich). That is, a portion of dumplings in the same restaurant will give you exactly the same gastronomic experience, and will cost 2-3 times cheaper. Such a dish will almost always cause bloating, if it is followed by dessert.

Believe the sad experience of the authors Novate.Ru: the worst thing would be if you will be served a little “standing” in the kitchen lasagna. This is the case when pizza will become a healthier choice.

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