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Everything you wanted to know about modern wine

Everywhere there is a tendency to return to nature, naturalness and manual labor. If we talk about winemaking, here the history of alternative production methods began much earlier than in other areas. Because winemakers know more than anyone about the connections of the earth with the fact that it grows. Wines are very subject to changes in the weather and harvest, they are different depending on the selected vineyard, the land and in General at the same place every year can be quite different to taste.

Elena Zaguzova
the ideological inspirer and the author of the wine cards of the holding “Simple things” Biodynamic, organic, natural and petnata have now ceased to be exotic for Russia, now these wines are experiencing the peak of popularity with us.
Wine, biodynamic wine, organic wine, natural wine, natural wine, petnates
Biodynamic wines
Winemakers producing biodynamic wine, adhere to the principle of “back to nature”, ie, advocate for the improvement of the soil. And therefore, any chemicals or fertilizers containing them are not fully used in soil fertilizer. Mainly used in the fertilizer vineyards compost and biodynamic drugs that are produced from manure, chamomile flowers, nettles, etc.

Also, manufacturers of this wine pay special attention to the phases of the moon. Based on them, they decide when to prune, harvest and fertilize. They believe that between the earth and the cosmos there are energy links and they need to be strengthened in order to get the right grapes for the production of biodynamic wine.

Wine, biodynamic wine, organic wine, natural wine, natural wine, petnates
Mandatory are the certification of this wine, without a special certificate, the wine can not be called biodynamic.

In the production of biodynamic wine also has many conventions. For example, in order to appear on the label designation “biodynamics”, it is impossible to artificially lower the degree of alcohol, only in a natural way.

Biodynamic wine is more expensive than usual from 8 to 15%. This suggests that this is an extraordinary and unusual products. In Moscow, a lot of biodynamics: these wines it is now possible to taste not only wine, but also in restaurants, where more or less extensive wine list.

Wine, biodynamic wine, organic wine, natural wine, natural wine, petnates
Organic wine
If biodynamics welcome all manual and only, in the case of organic wines grapes can be collected by combines and machines – it is not forbidden. But this wine, as well as biodynamic, must be certified.

In order to get the right grapes for organic wine, the winemaker must confirm that the soil on which it will grow is absolutely environmentally friendly.

For growing grapes are also used only natural fertilizers.

Вино, biodynamic wine, organic wine, natural wine, natural wine, petty
Natural or natural wines
If we talked about organic and biodynamic wines from the point of view of how a person affects the soil, then in natural wines we are talking about what he does next with this grape.

Most importantly, the winemaker does not use sulfur dioxide – a preservative that stabilizes the grapes to stop fermentation and prevent the wine from sour. Many winemakers add special wine yeast, but winemakers who are engaged in natural wines, believe that this is unnecessary and the wine should be natural and ferment on their own yeast.

Most winemakers do not give the vineyards completely under natural wines, and allocate a small area for experiments.

Wine, biodynamic wine, organic wine, natural wine, natural wine, petnates
Penati originally from France. Appeared they, ironically, thanks to bad weather. Winemakers had until the end of the fermented wort to pour into bottles. And here is a slightly playing, the wine was corked lid. Feature Benatov that they have only the primary stage of fermentation, which takes place in the bottle, unlike sparkling. Some such method is called the devil.

Degree of alcohol Platov quite low. As a rule, these wines are quite sparkling and bright, with very small bubbles.

It should be noted that Penaty can be used both alone and with meat, fish, desserts and other dishes.

Another feature is that these wines are not filtered, so in the glass you can see that they are slightly cloudy.

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