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Gastronomic enclave: where to eat in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is a Russian city, situated on the Baltic sea in the mouth of the pregoli river, with the manners of a European aristocrat. The mix of the Russian-Soviet present and the Prussian past can be clearly seen here. Kaliningrad is beautiful, there are many attractions that deserve special attention, but in this review we will focus on the gastronomic culture – in this city you can find an institution for every taste.
Gastrobar “Salt»
The address: street of Cosmonaut Leonov, 55

The main “feature” of the gastrobar is that almost all dishes of the menu are prepared from local products. Come here full or just go for a snack – it will be a mistake, because you just want to try again and again. “Salt” is a stylish interior, a rather small menu, a good wine list, bread of own production, interesting combinations of ingredients, beautiful serving and impeccable service.

Kaliningrad gastrobar Salt where to eat in Kaliningrad
Special attention should be paid to yellowfin tuna tartare with wasabi and Chuka (395 rubles), salmon ceviche with passion fruit sauce (395 rubles), beef tataki with black truffle and potato mousse (595 rubles) and Baltic pike-perch fillet with smoked puree and fried cabbage mousse (490 rubles). The waiter is sure to recommend broken cucumbers – in the menu they are declared as “the most delicious”, green perlotto with bull tails, spinach and Parmesan (395 rubles), as well as talk about Bao and poke, which is dedicated to the whole section of the menu.
Kaliningrad gastrobar Salt where to eat in Kaliningrad
Restaurant and tapas bar Rioja
Address: Prospect Mira, 43

The gastronomic vector of Rioja is defined in its name – wine and tapas. However, tapas itself is not only a collective name for snacks, but also a way of life. These are products with a South European temperament, selected by the chef, who, in turn, has a good imagination and creative thinking. Rioja combines a bright taste in the menu and a diverse range of drinks. During the day you can drink coffee (there is even mineralized water), and in the evening climb to the second floor and drink tea in the hookah area.

Restaurant and tapas bar Rioja Kaliningrad Where there is in Kaliningrad
The menu here is small – you should start with the Tartar set “Buenas TARDES” for 990 rubles (translated from Spanish “good day”), which includes Tartars from farm beef, far Eastern salmon, vegetables and tuna, as well as nuts, pickled olives and olives. You can then switch to a mix of jamon Serrano and Iberico with melon (990 rubles), tiger prawns “Gambas al Ajie”, which are prepared and served in a special clay form, can be washed down with. And all this, of course, with a bottle of Spanish wine, you can not one.
Restaurant and tapas bar Rioja Kaliningrad Where there is in Kaliningrad
The Restaurant “Secmeli»
Address: 30 Teatralnaya street

Family-run Georgian restaurant “Schmale” is located in the heart of Kaliningrad. Will meet you with genuine Georgian hospitality: well, how is it without wine, especially homemade? The menu also includes European cuisine, which allows you to combine guests with different taste preferences at the same table. Traditional Georgian snack ajapsandali, khinkali, khachapuri, lobio, shkmeruli chicken, baked trout, all kinds of kebabs (especially delicious – from salmon and chicken fillet), kebabs, Suluguni on coals – all the hits of Georgian cuisine are collected. From desserts here will offer pelamushi, assorted churchkhela with nuts and dried fruits, as well as dessert “Kada” – a traditional dessert of puff pastry stuffed with walnuts (served with honey).

Restaurant Schmale Kaliningrad the Kaliningrad
Cafe “Morning Bar»
Address: 30 Teatralnaya street

Next to the restaurant “Schmale” is “Morning Bar”, where you can have Breakfast during all operating hours of the establishment, namely, from 7:00 to 16:00. Oatmeal in yogurt with maple syrup, cheesecakes with jam and sour cream, egg dishes, sandwiches, pastries and other dishes. In addition to breakfasts, delicious good coffee is prepared here, there is also vegetable milk, which for many has recently been an important factor.

Cafe Morning Bar Kaliningrad Where there is in Kaliningrad
Photo – facebook Womb

The Restaurant Hofburg
Address: Oktyabrskaya ulitsa, 6

For excellent tuna steak go to the restaurant Hofburg at the hotel “kaiserhoff”. The fish is pre-fried in black sesame, served with a side dish of zucchini and decorated with strawberries. In a couple of fish, take a salad with Greek cheese halumi, but ask for less red onions – here it is not spared. Desserts also deserve special attention: Panna cotta on coconut milk with black currant and Apple strudel – in particular. The two-level lobby bar is easy to eat, but be prepared for long service and dirty Windows on the second floor.

The restaurant Hofburg Kaliningrad the Kaliningrad
Bar “Builder»
Address: 4 Oktyabrskaya street

Go for a glass or two of wine in the cafe and bar “Shipyard” – a nice place in the historical part of Kaliningrad. In summer there is one of the best summer verandas overlooking the Cathedral and the island of Kant. In the evening at the “Shipyard” you can have a great dinner with family, friends and loved ones. A special section of the menu “To wine”, the name of which speaks for itself, makes it clear that the wine list here is not bad – the guys are prepared.
Bar Shipyard Kaliningrad the Kaliningrad
Ice cream shop “Gelateria Labar»
Address: Kaliningrad, CTC; Zelenogradsk, street Pugacheva, 9b; Svetlogorsk, Lenina str., 15

If you are a fan of ice cream, do not pass by the ice cream shop “Gelateria Labar”. This is a cozy place with a small assortment, but with rare and best tastes, such as Gorgonzola, mascarpone, raspberry sorbet, blueberries with cream and others. There are also confectionery and good coffee.

Checked Restoran.ru: Tilda Restaurant
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