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Instead of plastic: ethical consumption – new black

On the eve of the may holidays, the Ministry of natural resources announced that it plans to ban all disposable plastic utensils. The European Union has completely banned plastic packaging in 2018. Partial restrictions apply in 35 countries, including Chile, Kenya and Uzbekistan. Whales are clearly going to benefit, but what to do fans of kebabs and picnics in nature? We tell you what alternatives are invented in different countries, and what is available to us.
Available alternatives: dishes made of wheat straw and corn starch. These materials are used to make food containers, dishes and Cutlery. Plates and forks are similar to plastic, but a little rough to the touch and have a beige hue. They can be heated in the microwave and put in the refrigerator.
Ecology eco-friendly tableware packaging biodegradable appliances ethical consumption
Devices from corn starch GeoVita

While suppliers are more likely to work in the B2B segment (approx. ed. – with business). Cutlery from corn starch buys “Yandex.Chief” (ex. “Party Food”), a chain of restaurants Green Box, a chain of restaurants “Babaganush”. By the way, eco-friendly Cutlery can be bought in “Auchan” – however, they are sold in plastic packaging. It is possible to supply them in cardboard, which, of course, will also affect the price. Some supermarkets are planning to start distributing fully eco-friendly Cutlery.
Crystal Vitaly,
Geovita sales Manager In Russia does not produce dishes from corn starch, it is produced in China and the volume of deliveries to our country is ten times less than in countries where the ban is already in force. The Chinese will make us at least 10 times more than now, so that the volume of production is quite an affordable alternative. Another thing is that people who buy disposable dishes in supermarkets are used to it being cheap. Dishes made of corn starch are sometimes 2-3 times more expensive, for example a set of 10 forks costs about 50 rubles in the supermarket. Now, seeing the alternative in the form of affordable plastic, people choose affordable plastic. However, the trend of environmental safety is gaining strength: for example, some networks sell metal devices, making them globally low prices. The growth of the category of Cutlery from corn starch last year was about 150%!
In the first place in popularity, of course, cardboard packaging and Kraft. However, the ethics of this material, although biodegradable, there are obvious questions, because they are used for the production of wood.
Ecology eco-friendly tableware packaging biodegradable appliances ethical consumption
Verlanca paper packaging

the representative of the company Verlanca In our company packaging is produced from recycled garbage. There are companies that produce craft from recycled and purified material. We produce cardboard from a single frame, without chemicals – it is more environmentally friendly packaging, but more expensive. Of course, the resource is renewed, the forest is planted. However, damage to nature is still applied, so many, and our company in particular, move to bamboo – bamboo for a week can grow by a meter, so that its cutting down causes less damage to nature. It is important to note that bamboo utensils are considered disposable. If you buy it as a package for cereals, it can serve constantly, if you use this container of fatty soup, it will lose its properties. To extend the service life, different manufacturers make lamination (approx.ed. – covering the product film) inside the dish – from 10 microns. For lamination, polymers are used (their negligible amount and they are of the highest quality), so that the speed and environmental friendliness of decomposition they do not affect
Disposable eco-friendly dishes are still quite expensive and are not sold in every supermarket. You can save time and money by using reusable alternatives. The most common utensils of bamboo in almost every specialty store. It weighs little – so it is easy to take with you on a picnic, it does not absorb moisture, it can be put in the refrigerator, microwave and even heated to 70°C. After disposal decomposes in a couple of months.
Ecology eco-friendly tableware packaging biodegradable appliances ethical consumption
In Moscow shops you can buy tableware, tea and coffee sets from Italy. Crushed bamboo and corn are compressed in vacuum at high pressure. The output is eco-friendly, safe and pleasant to use material.

It’s hard to believe, but China produces reusable dishes made from sugar. The Ecoplant brand uses corn, wheat raw materials and sugar cane, and their dishes can even be washed in the dishwasher!

Ecology eco-friendly tableware packaging biodegradable appliances ethical consumption
Tureen from sugar cane with a domed Cup of GeoVita

There are ethical brands, which produce the dishes of pine. Although it is somewhat heavy and it is not easy to wash, it may be of interest to connoisseurs of naturalness and proximity to nature.

Finally, we recall that picnics went before the appearance of plastic utensils. Romantic tete-a-tete in nature will decorate a special bag for a picnic.

Ecology eco-friendly tableware packaging biodegradable appliances ethical consumption
Many innovative materials are available to consumers, but there are environmental initiatives that have not yet reached the broad market. During the London marathon, plastic water bottles were replaced by tasteless kelp capsules.
Ecology eco-friendly tableware packaging biodegradable appliances ethical consumption
Kelp capsule

In Ukraine selling coffee in edible cups from waffles: dishes holds its shape 10 minutes. In the production of Sumy came up with packages of polysaccharides – taste like noodles. They decompose in three weeks without harm to the environment.
Ecology eco-friendly tableware packaging biodegradable appliances ethical consumption
Edible coffee cups

Russian scientists also do not sit idly by: in the Samara Polytechnic University made edible dishes from applesauce. On properties it is similar to paper.

Poland and Indonesia export dishes from bran and cane, and the Mexican brand BioBase makes disposable Cutlery and tubes from avocado bones. In nature, they decompose in 240 days, but are stored only 12 months and always in a dry place. In addition, the price of them bites: a package of two thousand tubes will cost 529 dollars.

Ecology eco-friendly tableware packaging biodegradable appliances ethical consumption
Dishes seed avocado BioBase

Ethical consumption is the new black. Hugo Boss vipuser sneakers from pineapple leaves; the brand Freitag came up with fully degradable dresses, and Russia are producing paper bags and backpacks, no way inferior to leather.
Ecology eco-friendly tableware packaging biodegradable appliances ethical consumption
Shoes from pineapple leaves

The other trend is the secondary use. Here distinguished Adidas shoes from old fishing nets. Tetra Pak is a leader in the manufacturing of thermal packaging – released fully recyclable packages and packages with a “neck” that can be easily separated and disposed of separately. Little by little there are zero waste supermarkets – where they come with their packaging or as in Vietnam – wrapped products in leaves.

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