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Eva Grill looked to the bakery “Corn»

Lisa Seropova decided to make a vacation of it and solemnly gave me the authority to review three similar establishments in a month. Waving her suitcase, she said that in may she wanted to look into the bakery. “Well, it’s not my fate, then, to lose weight by the summer,” I thought, picked up the baton and went to the newly opened institution “Gito”.

I was serious about eating rolls, puffs and cakes, but what was my surprise when instead of the classic bakery I got into a vegetarian buffet! But everything in order.

“Corn” is located in the place known to many people and a long-closed pizza “Roquefort”. When I went down to the good old cellar on Sukhbaatar street, I gasped: the room seemed to have been created for such a format — an eco-style bakery with Slavic motifs.

At the entrance I saw shelves of bread. The interior, which are in harmony with natural materials: wood, stone. And also met a bit metal and glass. I looked at the candle on the wall at the entrance, under it – a small basin, where the melted wax flows down. There is no natural light in the room, but there is a lot of greenery — both living and artificial.
Prices are not the lowest. A small cake for 400 grams (I came just before Easter) costs 600 rubles. The price of bread – probably not to frighten the buyer – is specified generally for hundred grams. One of the compact bricks of rye bread, for example, cost 240 rubles. Desserts — from 120 to 240 rubles per 100 grams, like home confectioners. By the way, in addition to bread and desserts, you can buy spices and seasonings in the bakery.

The staff is friendly: explains everything, happy to answer questions. I smiled and greeted the girl behind the counter and was invited to dinner in the next room. There just started its work organic buffet (it is open from 12:00 to 16:00). I was pleasantly surprised and almost skipped ran. I was very happy: I go to eat fully and recover, and not to swell on one flour.
Another young lady at the counter politely asked to leave the jacket at the entrance, said that all the dishes at the same price and you can apply them to yourself, as the soul asks. It also offered natural juices or hot drinks. The menu is small, a test, but I noticed the announcement that will soon be complete.
I gathered salads, soup, hot – just a little – and ordered tea from rose hip with jam from Jerusalem artichoke (never tried, it was curious). Also separately in the bakery took a piece of cake.
The beverage with hawthorn, 80 rubles

I liked the original presentation. On a mini-tray, a drink was brought in a large glass mug along with a separate Cup for a strainer with berries.
The drink pleased with the mild taste of rose hips with a slight acidity. There was no sugar in it: the sweetness could be adjusted independently, indulging in jam from Jerusalem artichoke. It is me, however, is not very impressed: it was just sweet syrup without any pronounced taste. But in a whole drink on five key.

Vegetarian lunch, 380 rubles

I started with the salad “Obzhorka” with seitan (vegetarian meat from wheat flour). When I started eating, at the next table, the guests asked the administrator why the salad (I did not hear what exactly) is so sweet. And I asked the same question when I tried “Gluttony”. The dish, which was boiled carrots, pickles and seitan, strongly sweetened. Most likely because of this very wheat meat substitute. I didn’t even feel the sourness of the cucumbers. Ate, but without pleasure.
Vegetarian option salad “Pomegranate bracelet” was more interesting. I was surprised that instead of eggs and mayonnaise – cottage cheese, and no onions. Also the salad was practically unsalted, which all boiled vegetables in it had a rather dull taste. But the dish had some piquancy due to pomegranate seeds. Everything in the complex was quite edible – nice and light diet salad.

About a salad with carrots, beets and pumpkin seeds don’t know what to say. It was just raw vegetables with seeds. I didn’t even feel the dressing in the dish.
Vegetarian hodgepodge caused me serious curiosity. Tried – and upset. It was not even the realization that without smoked meat Solyanka is not Solyanka that upset me the most. All the ingredients were boiled in porridge, the taste of nothing really caught, except olives. Acidity is inherent in the stew, this dish had a bitter taste. Lemon was not observed, some distinct substitutes for meat and smoked meat – too. Why call it a hodgepodge? Vaguely. Sadness, trouble, chagrin.
But the wheat Patty is great. It was what I expected from a vegetarian dish — an abundance of spices, dense structure and taste of legumes (in the composition I thought chickpeas). Negative – does not offset showtest, but for the bouquet of spices can forgive.
Vegetarian lasagna looked, of course, disgusting. As if someone had already eaten it, I’m sorry. Well, I am not squeamish, and still tried it. Not bad, mostly sharp. Discovered in the composition of the cubes carrot (they a bit not came close and crunched on familiar), eggplant, sour cream (or oil?) sauce, mustard seeds. And that is why this casserole was called lasagna – flour sheets on top and bottom. They were almost baked, and also places that crackled. Interestingly, the flour is not wheat, but seems to be whole grain.
And the last thing on the plate is bread. Beyond praise. Dense, whole-grain, with seeds and just out of the oven – what else do you need from the edge?

The dinner was very hearty, and, in the complete absence of meat, there was no feeling of some “empty” food. Despite the fact that the taste was not always happy, the overall score – four points.

Spicy cake with caramel, 175 rubles, 100 grams

In front of me was the cake, regular, not vegan, not diet, not sugar-free. Just a chocolate biscuit soaked in something like sour cream, sprinkled with caramel and sprinkled with sunflower seeds. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the spice. The biscuit was a little dry, not enough cream. With tea, of course, edible, but for a private bakery could be better.

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