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The adventure of shrimp in Moscow: 5 places where to eat them

Shrimp is always a celebration, a ritual and a waiting. The fact that Russia used to have with beer and without, is the Northern shrimp. It lives in the cold waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, apparently small and pink. But not them. Our interest today — large and medium-sized, fleshy and sometimes scary, but bloody delicious moregate, which is served in Moscow restaurants.
From the point of view of creativity, the dish is quite boring, but only quality, freshness and imagination are important here. Without these components — this is the story of failed expectations and broken hope. For this article, a lot of shrimp was eaten, five chefs and sommeliers were interviewed. After all, without a decent wine and rest in the restaurant is not the same.Did you know?
Many shrimp species are ideal representatives of hermaphroditism. Without social reproach for life to change sex from male to female.
The activity of the shrimp reaches a maximum at night. Day hide in the sand from any marine and terrestrial evil spirits, wanting to eat them.
The mouth of the shrimp is located on the stomach, and the legs serve as jaws, they chew food.
The organ of balance in shrimp — antennae-antenna. In them, they push tiny grains of sand, which are the forces of attraction of the earth. This pressure is transmitted to the nerve endings. And so they swim belly parallel to the bottom.
Find a common language with shrimp did not work only in true Jews, they do not eat them.
shrimp in restaurants
Restaurant “Sakhalin»
Address: Smolenskaya str., 8 (Azimut hotel, 22 floor)
“Sakhalin” is saturated with the smell of luxury, in everyday attire here you may not be very comfortable. The Suite attracts the Suite, which is still within the Garden ring. The restaurant tends to four types of shrimp: Sakhalin sweet, Argentine, Carabineros and langoustines. Carabineros and langoustines are brought from different countries depending on the season.

Then the guest has the right to choose: eat everything raw or send shrimp on the grill. The second method ignores only the Sakhalin sweet shrimp because of its too delicate texture. The restaurant was given the same advice: to have a nice meal together without compromising the health, order two shrimp each. But the feeling is that it is unfairly small. Our advice: take more until the money runs out.

restaurant Sakhalin shrimp
For someone:
For the rich and elegant, who appreciate quality and luxury. Price from 390 to 1800 rubles per 100 grams of raw product.
What does the sommelier advise?
To raw shrimp take a complex flower-honey Chardonnay. And for grilling the perfect Riesling.
Restaurant “Ceretto sea»
Address: 52 Pyatnitskaya str.

The “Ceretto sea” serves Magadan shrimp caught in the Russian waters of the Pacific ocean. They are prepared immediately on the ship: boiled in a special brine, calibrated, glazed, frozen and sent to restaurants. It is believed that each fishing vessel engaged in catching and cooking shrimp has its own special brine with a secret proprietary set of ingredients and spices. For the restaurant is only not to spoil the product, that is properly thawed, preserving the integrity of the shrimp meat, texture and taste. Rubber shrimp is a nightmare that will leave injury in the heart of anyone. In “Ceretto sea” is uniquely able to thaw, do not be afraid.

Magadan prawns with Yuzu mayonnaise are not a self-sufficient dish, but rather an appetizer, since the plateau is not very large. Immediately there is a thought to take something else, for example, Tartar from sweet shrimp with mango mousse. This time in the framework of Moscow restaurant week they sing the ode to them.

restaurant ceretto sea shrimp
For someone:
For beginners who have come to eat something else. The cost for one / two — 990 rubles.
What does the sommelier advise?
To shrimp: pink sparkling wine or white new Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.
Tartar: Novyi Svet cask of Chardonnay or wine of the Loire valley.

Moregrill Restaurant
Address: street Kuznetsky most, d. 18/7
The restaurant is nice inside, without a touch of pathos and other evil spirits. But if you sit on the summer terrace, the situation is sterile tourist. Kuznetsky most makes itself felt. The menu has seven types of shrimp of different size, texture and origin, for example: Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Murmansk, far East, Black sea, Morocco. In a month sell more than 300 kg and on assurance of the chef Alexey Strakhov, 1 kg of shrimps on the person it is possible to eat safely.

On the advice of a friendly waitress Bangladesh, wild and langoustine shrimp is better to take on the grill. AMA abi is perfect raw, served with soy sauce from the flask and Botan caviar, carefully removed from the calf. However, the nerd and the bear are not perfect unlike the others. So that need not here gastronomic heroism.

restaurant moregirl shrimp
For someone:
For fans of shrimp on the grill and those who were in the area of Kuznetsky most. The price from 170 to 600 rubles for one piece, or from 350 to 490 rubles for 100 grams of crude product.
What does the sommelier advise?
Here immediately on the forehead advise white or sparkling wine.
Erwin Restaurant.River / Erwin.Recoveration
Address: Kutuzovsky PR., 2/1, p. 6

Even though “Erwin.Recoveration” and “Erwin.River”, located on a white ship, have a common name, they are different. The story of the first — about successful men and beautiful histogrammic created as if by a single image. The story of the second — about tourists and Dating with the classic chop: a bouquet of flowers, romance, river, ship. But there and there a lot of photographed.

In both restaurants, the number of species of shrimp rolls over and taste buds just refuse to believe it. The set includes seven different types: bot (sea of Okhotsk), salmon (Pacific Ocean), Greenland (sea of Japan), mole crickets (sea of Japan), AMA EBI (Japanese sea), Magadan (sea of Okhotsk), Chillum (Pacific ocean). You can get tired of enumerating this natural abundance. Sets in two restaurants differ only in one position, which is uncritical. They are cooked, smoked and served raw with three sauces: mayonnaise-bisque, Aioli, wasabi. All these machinations form a complex chord of sweetness, salinity, sharpness and freshness of shrimp flesh.

Erwin restaurant.River restaurant Erwin.Recoveration shrimp
For someone:
For advanced users who have an over-the-top gastronomic ego. Cost for two in “Erwin.River” — 2300 rubles. the Cost for two / four in “Erwin.Recoveration” — 2200 / 4500 RUB.
What does the sommelier advise?
To Seth suit oily wines, such as Chardonnay from America or Burgundy. The character of the dish will emphasize cava and champagne.

Boston seafood&bar restaurant
Address: Lesnaya str., 7

In Boston that six years ago that now serves a set of perfectionist. Delicious shrimp perfectly laid out on a platter and always one of excellent quality. Only three types: smoked and Magadan from the cold sea of Okhotsk, Boston from the Indian ocean with spicy chili mayonnaise, wasabi mayonnaise and cocktail with horseradish. Restaurants on Lesnaya and Paveletskaya attract clerks from neighboring business centers, which in turn attract friends and relatives. And formed an army of fans of shrimp, crab and fish from Boston.

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