Meat & Bones: let's talk about bones
Meat connoisseurs will say, "Well, it's practically the same thing, three twin brothers cut from the same cut." Yes, that's right, the cut one, but the differences are still there.…

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Eva Grill tried Breakfast in the cafe "aggie»
"Hey, where in Irkutsk it is possible to have a delicious Breakfast?"— asked me a friend who came to visit from another city. I, to be honest, fell into a…

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Instead of plastic: ethical consumption - new black
On the eve of the may holidays, the Ministry of natural resources announced that it plans to ban all disposable plastic utensils. The European Union has completely banned plastic packaging…

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Eva Grilling tried baking not for the faint of heart

I continue my may run through the bakeries. This time the object of attention was the institution “Indigo” in Sunny. Once again, I, as worried about the figure, was lucky: it’s not just a bakery, and “bakery healthy food.” Well, let’s see what kind of animal it is.

Has found not immediately. Indigo is located in the LCD “Santoki”, which has a lot of entrances and porches on different levels. The place is not passable, “for their”. At least somehow decided to compensate for this screaming sign on the background of the gray building. Next to it hung completely unreadable banner with a description of the range.

The “Indigo” nice European interior. Furniture, shop Windows and decor in soothing colours with light Oriental touches. On the shelves are gilded elephants, and on the walls — colorful plates. The color that gave the name of the cafe was also present — on the Wallpaper. I was surprised that right from the hall you can see the beauty salon – organizations are separated only by a glass door.

On a weekday afternoon there was no one here, not even the cashier. Minutes through 3-4 in front of me materialized a young man. He did not introduce himself, answered questions formally and somehow did not Express much cordiality to the only guest (for 1.5 hours in the hall so no one appeared). Itself (without a leading question) he said only that the institution is prepared without eggs, yeast and meat. To warm up the food had to ask twice, the first request the man either did not hear, or did not hurry to fulfill.

The menu is not here, the range of drinks can be studied on the Board, and pastries to choose directly on the counter. The choice is large — from handmade chocolates to loaves. Prices do not bite, compared to the bakery “Zhito”. For example, bread of own production costs, as in a supermarket — from 30 to 55 rubles. Pies with different fillings — from 25 to 45 rubles. I took a little bit of everything.

Ginger drink, 30 rubles
Very badly

It was absolutely no good, gentlemen. Drink tart and cloying utterly, smelling like balm “Star”. Maybe it’s some kind of concentrate, and it just forgot to dilute? In a ratio of 1 to 5. I just moved her away from me.
Cowberry juice, 45 rubles

Morse, unlike the previous potions, it was possible to drink. In the composition of the well laid-berry, honey, and…. Lots of sugar. I’d cut it in half. And a healthy food institution!
Cabbage roll and potato pie, both at 25 rubles

Pies look bad, to put it mildly. I wish they’d sprinkle sesame seeds on it. The absence of eggs and yeast in the dough does not justify the fact that the final product looks like used.

I, of course, also well done — so taken aback by the sight of these culinary masterpieces that did not guess to photograph each separately. In the picture cabbage roll — the one that is especially strange shape, next to the pie with potatoes, and the greenish layer below is hichin with spinach, about it a little below I tell.
Cabbage roll for some reason was Packed with carrots. The dough is thin, soft, low-fat, filled with spices, including an abundance of turmeric.
Pie with potatoes — very dry and almost without salt and spices, just a little pepper. The fillings are sorry, half of the pie is air. Neither one nor the other did not like. I put a three, not a two just because of the gentle, pleasant test.
Hichin with spinach, 45 rubles

I can not imagine how this was possible confectioner, but the dough was super thin, it is not torn. Thanks to this weightlessness, it played a secondary role, almost not felt, and soloed spinach and dill. The greens gave the pastries a light and fresh taste, but still something was missing. I’d love to see an egg or tomatoes.
Samosa with cabbage and seitan, 45 rubles, and cheburek with cheese and seitan, 75 rubles

For samosas spices do not regret it, as filling. It turned out quite juicy and original. The dough even at the corners was not dried to dryness, gladly ate the entire pie as a whole.
If I didn’t know that in cheburek and samsa seitan made of wheat protein, I would have thought that I ate something with a little minced meat. Oh, these vegetarians, apparently, they lack meat taste in life that they so skillfully imitate it!
The pasties looked great. However, unlike the classical version, was not greasy. Apparently, it was baked, not fried in oil. Inside, the baked cheese was spread in a very thin, even layer. It is, alas, not stretched, and torn, but it can be forgiven.
It was interesting — I put “five”.
Caramel cheesecake, 164 rubles

Bo-Jes-TWAIN-no! I’ve been looking for good cheesecakes in the city (with them the tension, I must say), and this will definitely enter my personal TOP 5. Everything here is as it should be — a dense homogeneous texture, oily, light sweetness. No palpable curd grains or excessive whipping.
It is a pity in “Indigo” there is no classical variant of a dessert, only chocolate and caramel. Perhaps it adds caramel dessert density. But what to guess, it is better to come here again and try the chocolate version. Definitely an “a”.

Burfi Carabobo (30 rubles), raw food (35 rubles) and Govardhana (35 rubles)

Candy handmade tried at home. Most liked from carob — almost indistinguishable analogue of cocoa. Dense, slightly moist candy interspersed with nuts and candied fruit melts in the mouth. Tea is perfect.
But raw burfi can be eaten as a snack. It’s an energy bomb made of dried apricots, raisins and nuts. Did not feel special shades and tints of taste – the main thing neprimerno and simple.
For me remained a mystery, which means “Govardhana” even Google could not give me any help. Candy with the same name was a mini-anthill – composed of shortbread and boiled condensed milk. Well, again, during the tea party.
The cookie linen with a citrus filling, 40 rubles

Wonderful dessert. With the two sides of lean, light and crumbly cookies, and in the middle – filling with a rich natural flavor of ginger and peel without “hemotest”. Very much, five points.
Bun with raisins, 18 rubles
Very badly

Buns in “Indigo” clearly not enjoy popularity. This pastry was like a week ago — though her nuts if. The taste — a simple dough on soda with raisins, nothing special, not even cinnamon. Two.

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