Relevant recommendations Lisa Siropulo
"You know it's been two and a half years since you released a set of current recommendations?"— I was stunned recently by the editor. «No. And is that really so…

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Breakfast with chef. Alexey Fokin, cafe "the Same pillow»
Decided! Open the loop an interview with "Breakfast with the chief." And the first thing I asked to visit Alexei Fokin, chef of popular projects in the city: bar "Molchanov"…

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Gastrokid Zurich
Zurich, without attracting attention from a gastronomic point of view, will give odds to many European cities. The main message that is broadcast by restaurateurs and chefs is the use…

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Eva Grill ate strawberry freak

May continues and I go to bakeries and pastry shops. Before proceeding to the main topic of the review, I will tell you a little background.

It so happened that so far I have come across entirely vegetarian and healthy institutions. I wanted to continue the topic, and the next place to review on the map of our city, I chose “Eco-bakery”.

She did not have any pages in social networks, and this should have served as a bell for me. But no, I went looking for a place. The bakery was found in the shopping center at the stop “Tsimlyanskaya”. And it was just a nook with pies – the bakery is not called. Price tags written by hand on scraps of paper, baking on a dirty showcase in cellophane bags.

Why “eco”? Because they do not cook on dry yeast and do not use baking powder. Worse pies I’ve ever tasted. Stale, the dough crumbled, was dry, fresh, the amount of filling – as stolen. In one pie there was the cheapest processed cheese, in another, a chicken coop, I did not find poultry meat – one potato. I decided that it is a shame even a full review is not worth it. But she had to say something about it: maybe the owner of the place would read it and he would be a little ashamed. You can’t feed people like that.
To somehow cheer up, decided to treat yourself to a sweet. But remembering about the HLS-ing the subject, drove thinking about the éclairs in the cafe around the corner and went to the “slim end of testi”, positioning itself as the first fitness bakery in Irkutsk.

Them two in the 130 block and on the Top of the Embankment. Visited both, was surprised how different the situation there. In the first confectionery clearly watch the order and beauty. In a small Yurt – nothing more: a showcase, a counter, a refrigerator and a couple of chairs with a table. Clear, light.

In the second same has created a sense of it. This branch, apparently, works mainly for the delivery of cakes. And people on the way home are not inclined to look at the mops and piles of boxes, because of which sadly looks out painted Audrey Hepburn. The receptionist quickly cleaned some stuff off of the table and chairs in the photo you see is more or less decent environment. I did not have the audacity to photograph the numerous boxes that stood right in the hall on the floor. It was very small room and close the attention of the administrator.

The degree of openness of staff in the two branches for some reason was directly proportional to the degree of tidiness of the room. In the restaurant on the Upper Embankment administrator to my question, why dessert is called “Freak”, did not explain anything, limiting the phrase: “This is a special story.” Although there was no queue behind me, it was possible to exchange a couple of phrases. And in the “slim end of testi” in 130-m quarter of a sweet girl with a smile said that “Freak” is one of the first desserts confectionery, “he came out ugly,” and so named him that.

In institutions to choose from — bread, cakes, desserts and coffee. All, according to the creators of the confectionery, using only natural products, natural substitutes for sugar, without preservatives, dyes, amplifiers, margarine and flour of the highest grade. A hundred grams of any cake here will cost 160 rubles, a small dessert costs 200 rubles, a large one — 220 rubles.

Cake “Prague”, 190 grams, 304 rubles

Diet version of “Prague” was very easy, not too sweet, between the cakes was a lot of cream, and the cakes are oversaturated with cocoa flavor, and therefore even bitter. In the middle was a fruit puree and pine nuts, there were pieces of dried apricots.
Mashed potatoes were a bit too much for this cake, even with quick transport, has lost form. I didn’t know what the mashed potatoes were. Except canned peach in it was felt pineapple. I think the fruit component in the dessert was too much. Still, “Prague” — this is not about fruit, even in the version for losing weight.

But most of all upset a large splinter of bone apricot in the sauce. Almost broke a tooth. In General, he praised the cake as “satisfactory”.
Dessert with mango, 140 grams, 220 rubles

As it seemed to me, this dessert was a regular yogurt, only for 220 rubles and a little thinner, as without thickeners. Mango sauce made from canned fruit, on my (subjective, dear readers!) view. For some reason, put large pieces of fresh banana, although he was here superfluous. In the white mass of the dessert there were grains of passion fruit.

Strange, but compared to other desserts, the yogurt was very sweet, almost no acidity from the mango and passion fruit. In General, also on the “three”.

Tiramisu, 130 grams, 200 rubles

As I was told in one of the branches of “slim and tasti”, tiramisu they have the most popular dessert. And definitely not for nothing. Found only one small minus – coffee soaked only the bottom layer of the biscuit. But this is almost not notice, because so much cream based on mascarpone

Air dessert melts in your mouth – eaten instantly. To celebrate its “health” can not, in my opinion, he did not differ from non-dietary, regular version. But there is an absolute “five”.

Freak out strawberry, 140 grams, 200 rubles

The star of my evening – dessert “strawberry Freak”, meet! Tastes good. Light strawberry mousse and protein cream are perfectly combined with dense, well-soaked cakes resembling gingerbread.
Stevia in desserts sometimes gives bitterness, but here such a not experienced the. A little bit bitter walnuts — large and in large quantities. Because of the dense cakes, I would say that this dessert is for an Amateur, and therefore I put a “four”.
Cheesecake classic, 170 grams, 272 rubles

At first I liked the dessert, perceived it as a lightweight slim version of cheesecake. I tried a spoonful of low-fat, easy, nepritorny, homogeneous (no unnecessary and excessive graininess “of coroiesti”).
A little later, when I decided to finish eating, tasted a large amount of cinnamon, it is not clear why this dessert added. And I couldn’t take it anymore as a cheesecake. Just as a dessert – Yes, it is not bad, but it should not be called cheesecake. The rating “good”.

Cottage cheese cake, 350 grams, 560 rubles

Looked great cake, but the taste — just no. Currant souffle are unable to somehow compensate for the dull taste of cottage cheese layer, reminiscent of ricotta. Just cottage cheese with berry flavor — that’s all the impression of dessert.
Flax bread, 300 grams, 90 rubles

Bread – the Amateur. Very dense, heavy bun the size of a large male fist and with a pronounced linen taste. The bread had no crispy crust, just a hard surface. Many inclusions of grains. For variety you can sometimes take this bread, but always buy this if it did not. Four.

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