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Relevant recommendations Lisa Siropulo

“You know it’s been two and a half years since you released a set of current recommendations?”— I was stunned recently by the editor. «No. And is that really so much?”— “And you promised to update them… periodically.”

Well, Yes. Indeed, promised. And vacation is not an excuse. I remind you, while I’m on vacation, reviews are mainly engaged in Eva Grill. But the relevant recommendations, I will gladly share. Something in my preferences has changed, and the list of questions has been expanded. So, imagine that you call me and ask…

Where to drink delicious coffee?

I remain faithful to the three coffee shops: “coffee Inginerie”, “Doubleb” and “Augusto”. In the latter, however, I visit much less often, simply because I almost never go to Stepan Razin street.

In “Ingineria coffee” I like to experiment with “alternative”: the siphon, pour-over, aeropress — I never cease to be amazed at how the same grain can vary in taste when brewed in many different ways. Cooled to drinks with milk, mostly drink pure coffee, not adding anything to it. Lovers of latte, cappuccino and dessert raffs will also be comfortable in “Engineering”. There are constantly inventing something new, and the Barista is not afraid to communicate with guests to understand their preferences.
In “Doubleb” in addition to black coffee sometimes I like to grab a raspberry or pistachio éclair. But in this coffee shop all -??? especially are good Rafa. I was looking at their new pear on Instagram the other day. We should try it sometime.
I can’t say anything bad about more coffee. They make good drinks. However, over half had already received three reviews that the coffee shop got corrupted.

Where to eat meat?

“Rio Grande” keeps the brand, I still boldly order meat there. It’s funny that I go to a Mexican restaurant for steaks, and not for food in corn tortillas, and so, it seems, I’m not the only one doing. Recently, one familiar chef also noted that he orders there is no chimichangas, and roast beef, which is already 5 years invariably beautiful.
I love serving steak at the Design bar. Meat bring under a transparent Cloche, through the walls which one can see a dense white smoke. When the waiter lifts the hood, the smoke easily dissipates, leaving a wonderful aroma.
I often order a tenderloin steak from “That pillow.” Never had to be disappointed: always juicy meat of the necessary roasting.

What if it’s not steak I want, but barbecue?

… then I would recommend “Givi Tu Yu” in “Komsomol”. Service there mentally, and the food is good. A month ago came — kebab and Lula kebabs were excellent. In addition, I was pleased with the tortillas (especially khachapuri) and drinks. In the new branch in “Caramel” did not look yet, I do not know, as there is good or not.
Where are the delicious burgers?

I liked Star burgers. Good and very different burgers. Good cutlet, sauce and vegetables in balance. Bun attention is not delayed, as in “Babr Burger”, for example. It’s too lush and bright for my taste.
Need to still in “Front” go run. The last time I was there was before the gastrobar moved. I like that guys do not stop, are not afraid of mistakes, grow. Who knows, maybe they already have the most delicious burgers in town. As I try — immediately tell in “Instagram”.

Where to eat pizza?

I like the way they make pizza at the Perchini. I like cheese in Grosseto. Very nicely served Italian cake in the cafe “Cheese in butter”, but you remember, there I did not really like the dough. Although most readers did not agree with me.
And yet… had a pizza in a vegetarian café “Herbal medicine”. It is, of course, far from the classics, but very original and tasty. Heavy elastic dough, a lot of natural sauce, cheese and herbs.

Where to eat desserts?

Recently, I prefer desserts with a minimum amount of sugar, unobtrusive.

In the same “Herbal medicine” I love Panna cotta with lemongrass sauce. Very light, refreshing dessert with coconut milk. There you can also find wonderful Chia puddings and ice cream.
Tiramisu love in a cafe “in clover”. Often take with a friend cheesecake and honey cake with smoked sour cream in the “33”. An Amateur? Okay, I’m talking about classic, sweet desserts.
If I need to buy a cake for the company, I’ll probably go to the cake house. And most likely, buy “Flight”. Or in the mood, in the appendage will take some more mousse.

Recently, I completely melted from cherry cake in the restaurant “Trapeznikov”. I would never have thought that cherry can be so deliciously juicy and tender.

I go to the pastry shop “world of Eclair”, however, not for eclairs, but mainly for cakes. They are ideal as a present. Or if you just want to please yourself a little bit and surprise. In top best I have until cakes in the form of roses or mango. And still “Stump” respect.
What about pies?

“New Zealand” is my love, you know. By the way, on the birthday as treats colleagues come to “cheers”. Tested repeatedly. But cost, of course, more than pizza or rolls.
Cheaper — classic pies from the restaurant “Slavyanka”. Especially gorgeous cowberry under the cream. Only you need to book them in advance.

If you need cakes unsweetened, call the delivery service “La-La.” I take meat, sometimes — with potatoes and mushrooms.

Tom Yam, ramen and all Asian now recommend to try in “Mao Asia”. Very nice place.
If you want to eat quickly and tasty, look at the “Pita bar”. Recently I was pleasantly surprised by their gorgeous lemonades, pites with different fillings and delicious donuts. Somehow in “Instagram” I will write about the cafe necessarily.
Good “fast food” is also in the “Apron”, “Buze” and “UNGA”. Every now and then there are different nuances in the form of cold or salty dishes in these institutions. But these moments seem inevitable in places where work is on stream.

Where to eat delicious pasta?

Everything is the same. My favorite is with Pesto sauce from the “Design bar”. Still happy to order this dish in restaurants “prego” and “Figaro”. And I recommend to diversify your menu and try gnocchi instead of pasta in a cafe “President”. This dish fascinated me.
Where to eat Bouza?

In poznych in Kanazawa, on the Baikal and Lenin is still delicious. Don’t forget about Datsan.

Where to dance, something you hadn’t asked. Yes I have to be honest, she would have someone interested. Do we still have such places in the city?

Where to go on a date?

Now I would recommend “33.” There’s a nice atmosphere, the guys are very nice, good drinks and food, of course. Unusual and tasty.

If you need a more secluded environment and European cuisine, I would advise “old cafe” or “prego”. Not bad at the Marshal restaurant.
With friends recently choosing to “33” and look in the “same pillow”. If you need more and in the movie, perfect cafe “Dreamers” in the “Fashionable quarter”.

What about bars?

Of course I go to bars. In the top of the best I now have One more bar. Magical atmosphere there. In second place, perhaps, “gene Fizz” in Dorenberg. Well, “Molchanov” with “Design bar” faded into the background simply because a little boring.
Where to go with the baby?

Restaurant “harlequin” is actively working on the kitchen and I like it more. Well, in terms of a Playground for children there has always been beauty.
Girlfriends-mothers praise “Rassolnik”, “Pesto-Dough” and “Perchini” in “New”. In restaurants there are no separate spacious areas, as in “harlequin”, but there are small cozy corners with toys, kids have fun there. And there are coloring pages. And the children’s menu is quite nice.

Read more: http://www.irk.ru/obed/articles/20190523/siropova/

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