Relevant recommendations Lisa Siropulo
"You know it's been two and a half years since you released a set of current recommendations?"— I was stunned recently by the editor. «No. And is that really so…

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Eva Grill ate strawberry freak
May continues and I go to bakeries and pastry shops. Before proceeding to the main topic of the review, I will tell you a little background. It so happened that…

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This is it: Results of 2018 and trends of 2019
It's time to sum up. Opening of the year, the best restaurant and trends for 2019 – in our article. Briefly and without unnecessary sentiment. Just the facts! Opening of…

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Top 7 summer novelties in the “world of Eclair»

So on the eve of summer (it will come someday), inspired by the works of the famous confectioner Karim Bourgeois, the masters of the cafe laid out seven new masterpieces on the counter. Help guests to understand, along with Miroslav Обед will tell a little about each dessert.

Exotic rum Baba
220 rubles

The cake is worth a try even for those who dislike the classic rum woman. Similarities are only in the consistency of the porous body-cake. The rest is an independent dessert with a bright fruity taste, natural pineapple filling and delicate vanilla hat-ganache.

Miroslava on video says that the dough is not enough soaked. Yes, the syrup did not ooze from the cake, but it did not spoil it at all, it did not seem dry: fresh and light, it was moistened on all sides with an abundance of velvety ganache and juicy compote. Maybe when I treat add even more juice, it is not just soft and melts on the tongue.

Culinary terms. Compote is a component of mousse dessert, a set of fruits stewed in sugar syrup and spices.

Chocolate 100%
250 rubles

Remember, in the winter review of cakes in the “world of Eclair” we told that in the window of the confectionery you can find medicines. For example, dessert “Three chocolate” saves many from spleen. But recently there was even more powerful and fast-acting tool — chocolate tartlet, which immediately brightens the soul.

The dessert may resemble the famous candy bar with chocolate nougat and lots of caramel. But this is a fairly approximate comparison: the tartlet, unlike the bar, the taste is much more difficult. This cake is an ensemble in which three brothers solo: a creamy chocolate mousse, a viscous layer of caramel cream and the most serious — a biscuit with a pleasant bitterness. The action takes place on the stage… that is, on a crisp sand tartlet and under a high dome-glaze, upholstered in velvet of chocolate velour. Yes, in the final you are quite likely to experience catharsis.

Culinary terms. Cream is a creamy filling, something between sauce and mousse. Most often, the cream includes yolks, cream, sugar, milk, in addition – chocolate, fruit mixture, nut paste.

350 rubles
Here is a cake that will tell more about the lemon than the lemon itself. Then sizzle, then sour, then melt, then gently spread out on the language of different texture layers, but each of them is guessed favorite citrus.
First, we feel a thin, fresh, slightly sour layer-jelly. Then we pass through a gentle cream, only hinting at the lemon. And immediately meet with a yellow layer-cream, with a more sincere and deep citrus flavor.

The sparkling explosion on the tongue is confit, the culmination of a culinary work, it even gives you goosebumps. The bright taste is immediately neutralized by a well-fed pad of a tender biscuit with pieces of zest and a strong layer of white chocolate — he alone is responsible for the sweetness here.

An amazing treat. If you think that you tried lemon desserts, you are mistaken — that were just toys.

Culinary terms. Confit — fruit puree, boiled with the addition of gelatin (or pectin). Is the consistency of jam.

420 rubles
Fantasy on the theme of the famous dessert. Soft, lush and rich chocolate cake was combined with a wide layer of caramel, flavored with walnuts, generously watered with glaze, and even a soft namelaka on top was decorated.
The largest and most nutritious of the seven desserts, it is quite pass for an exquisite festive Breakfast for men. And the girl will also stay for a festive dinner.

Culinary terms. Namelaka is a word of Japanese origin from “namma lakka”, meaning “smooth/creamy”. This cream is based on chocolate, cream and milk.

Strawberry stump
320 rubles
The most delicate Viennese biscuits resemble thin pancakes, each of which is liberally smeared with creamy vanilla cream and strawberry jam. It’s juicy!
Join the words of Miroslava in front of you is the summer treat of the seven presented desserts. Thanks to the decoration of fresh strawberries, dessert looks especially impressive. And the taste pleases: a win-win, simple and very clear combination of strawberries is able to appreciate any guest. A good answer to the cake “exotic”: in the winter selection we called it a dessert-compromise. In the top of summer novelties we give this title to “Strawberry hemp”.

300 rubles
At first glance it seems that in front of you a huge ball, a giant candy that you can eat until tomorrow. But one has only to break off a piece — and it is impossible to stop, the dessert is eaten in an instant.
Under a thick layer of milk chocolate with grains of almonds and cocoa beans lurks whipped to a silk consistency nut mousse in an embrace with a dense milk namelaka and flowing natural caramel. All this tenderness gently holds light, with a rich taste of hazelnut biscuit.

“Roser” is a real ode to the hazelnut and the almond. It is difficult to find a cake in which the taste of these nuts would be revealed more harmoniously.

350 rubles
First, we feel the subtle glaze of the noble dark chocolate, which; he snapped his breaks and offers a very natural taste of juicy mango flesh framed by the indescribable air of a coconut foam-a mousse. And all this on a light biscuit, which felt coconut.
You need a vacation, and it’s not soon? “Hawaii” just brighten up your expectation, and maybe try this magical combination of mango and coconut, you are so relaxed and cheer up that rest and does not need.

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