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Eva Grill tried Breakfast in the cafe “aggie»

“Hey, where in Irkutsk it is possible to have a delicious Breakfast?”— asked me a friend who came to visit from another city. I, to be honest, fell into a complete stupor. Really, where? Well, not for sandwiches in a popular coffee shop to send it.

After studying the question, I realized that most of the good restaurants are open only from noon, so there are few options… but they are. Decided to dedicate the next batch of three related to the topic of Breakfast. Very incidentally saw post in profile the fact that recently opened a new institution in an unusual format for Irkutsk – Breakfast cafe “eggy”. It is located in the premises of culinary club “As is” on Kosova, and opened it, the authors of this project – interior designer Anna Zaigraeva and former editor Tatiana Chertkov. The restaurant is open from 8:00 to 14:00, and then there are master classes and other events. Everything was very beautiful in the “Instagram” of the place.

So, one fine morning I came to get acquainted with the cafe “aggie”. First impression: the room was originally not made for a catering establishment. This is an ordinary office space, with a bunch of walk-through rooms, one of which is simply equipped with a small kitchen. Interestingly, the reception Desk is located in the third room from the entrance, directly opposite the toilets. There’s also clothes hangers. At the very end loomed children’s game – it is rather a plus.

Despite the fact that among the owners of the institution – interior designer, some interesting solutions in the organization of space and its design, I have not seen. Colorful chairs and floors, white walls, grey curtains, quite a little plant with leaves guhawati (on the windowsill pot flowers and not wilted). And I wanted beauty and comfort: designer vases, interesting lamps, accessories, paintings, photos — nothing like that. And it is not laconic minimalism, there was a feeling of negligence, imperfection.

But I liked the menu — short and capacious. It, in contrast to the interior, reflected the concept of the institution: the basis was dishes of eggs. You can collect your designer on the basis of glazunya, omelet, poached eggs, scramble or not to bother and take the collected specialty. There are also porridge, Tartars and cheesecakes. Minus – not listed on the menu drinks. About the availability of coffee and tea announced the bar(not saying, by the way, about the prices). Desserts could be seen on the bar.

From the work of the staff were mixed impressions: on the one hand, the girl and the young man who served me, were emphasized polite and acted very quickly, smoothly. Order I took immediately, and brought the dishes, too, quite quickly – within 10-15 minutes.

On the other hand, I didn’t notice a hint of a smile or even a welcome on duty. Moreover, young people quietly bickered. It was evident that it is difficult to cope with the flow of guests, and some points due to the recent opening has not yet been worked out. For example, hot drinks served in mugs without handles, which is not very pleased not only guests but also waiters, judging by their faces.

Cafe in the morning even on weekdays working at full load: I had to stay at the bar and only then, in the midst of a meal, to move to the vacant table. If you want to have Breakfast in a more comfortable environment, you will have to book a table in advance. Apparently not I lacked such institutions in the city.

Cappuccino, 150 rubles

Dense foam, neat milk pattern – the drink looked good. The absence of the handle of the mug did not hurt: my cappuccino was warm. I did not like that the drink was somehow watery, sin on low-fat milk, and I did not feel the taste of coffee. You’ve seen better, on the “five” does not pull.
Drip coffee, 100 rubles

Drip coffee me “went” more. Real Kenyan grain had a rich taste with bright acidity and berry shades. But my companion, on the contrary, did not like it very much, because he prefers bitter and denser coffee. Nothing can be done, “bitterness” and “acidity” divides coffee lovers into two camps. But it would be nice if everyone was happy, and in an institution that specializes in Breakfast, there were two coffee pots with different grains to choose from.

Shakshuka with baked pepper, tomato sauce and bread, 200 rubles;

I knew about the traditional dish of Israeli cuisine only from the stories of a friend who went to Sunny tel Aviv for permanent residence. And, according to him, shakshuka in his homeland served on a giant frying pan with a bunch of different ingredients in every family and institution dish is cooked in different ways. Fits just what to shakshuk always serve bread that you want to dip in the yolks. Oh, I wish I could try an authentic meal! But that is, that and glad.

Visually, the dish seemed to me great, only very modest in size. There was fresh fried bread, and yolks and sauce to dip it in. The dish is slightly spicy, spicy — from the sprigs of fresh cilantro. And it has a lot of sweet and sour tomato flavor. Bright, juicy, steaming hot dish eaten at times, leaving the feeling of fullness. Five points.

Potato pancakes from zucchini with mint, salmon and poached egg, 300 rubles
An a-minus

Only dish landed on the table, as one of the poached eggs in the most humiliating way burst. This, in General, disappointment is over. In the dish everything was in harmony: a magnificent air sauce hollandaise (based on butter and yolks) together with salted salmon, eggs and barely stewed mealy zucchini made a strong Union. At the same time, the whole ensemble is so light, unobtrusive that after such a Breakfast at least dance ballet.

Minus put only for the performance of the draniki: they were quite loose, did not have a single structure and rather resembled a salad of zucchini. And I wanted to see something like vegetable cutlets.

Scottish eggs: minced chicken with green peas, 300 rubles;

In front of me appeared a neat panicked chicken schnitzel, inside of which the cook somehow miraculously managed to cook an egg with a liquid core. The Patty was lying on a bed of pea puree surrounded by bacon and slices of carrots cooked in a sous vide. The latter tasted like a cross between raw and boiled vegetables.

White poultry meat with egg gave a classic flavor combination, bright and unusual manifested itself mashed green peas. All this was satisfying, high-calorie and… fast food. Thanks to breading and fried bacon. Perhaps, for my usual Breakfast such dish is too much. And a man a small portion simply does not eat. Therefore, I did not quite understand for whom and why this dish, “four” put only for the skill of the cook in working with this liquid yolk.

Homemade cheesecakes with cherry jam and sour cream, 150 rubles

Here I can not resist, I must say that I am delighted. Take the tender cheesecake, dip in cream, jam, cling to a leaf of mint and send it all at the same time in your mouth. Voila – and you are somewhere in the clouds!

This is an exact hit in the combination of flavors: cottage cheese, berry, mint, cream. Themselves cheese cakes — airy, non-greasy, without a solid crust, like a fluffy cheese, lightly fried in a pan.

Rice porridge with coconut milk and banana, 200 rubles

Ordered a few for fear of Association with the hated kindergarten porridge. But they disappeared as soon as the dish was on the table: the bright aroma of coconut milk definitely made this dish better. Porridge to taste and satiety more like a dessert (portion size – from the series “diflope in the world there are very few”).

Coconut milk, bananas lightly roasted in caramel, and crispy rice popcorn gave fat and natural sweetness to the porridge. It was nice to savor, but I put a “four” to this dish for too small a portion.

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