Breakfast with chef. Alexey Fokin, cafe "the Same pillow»
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Relevant recommendations Lisa Siropulo
"You know it's been two and a half years since you released a set of current recommendations?"— I was stunned recently by the editor. «No. And is that really so…

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Delicate coffee and hack breakfasts in Cake & Coffee Union

I continue to try breakfasts in Irkutsk catering. The second institution for review this month, I chose a cafe-confectionery Cake & Coffee Union (“Union, cakes and coffee”) that Karl Marx. Once I ran there for lunch, and then the institution did not impress me at all: a vague menu with Shawarma (tasteless, by the way), sandwiches and coffee, sluggish staff and an absolute absence of guests. Decided to give the cafe a second chance to have Breakfast there.

The institution has its own website and quite nice “Instagram”. As the name implies, Cake & Coffee Union specializes in baking: every day there are prepared cakes, pastries and “sweets-joy” (as indicated on the website). Noted for myself that Breakfast is invited at any time.

On a weekday morning, there were a few people who had work meetings or sat at a laptop. Especially people took a fancy to the second hall, where there are sofas.

I liked the interior of the cafe. White walls, wooden tables, bright turquoise vases, tablets, pillows, a little green (though artificial). Spacious, light. Many nice details — there is something to stop the eye.

Behind the counter I was met by a very young girl Anastasia (she read the name on the badge) and diligently, sometimes even too much, told about the menu. It serves several Breakfast options. I would say that they can be divided according to geography and the way the eggs are cooked. I decided to try one dish of two sections. The “geographical” Breakfast coffee or tea included in the price.

Anastasia said that they cook coffee from Kenyan grain (as well as in the previous institution, which I visited). Again, it would be great to have a café that serves Breakfast, offered a choice of different coffee beans.

Anastasia offered to try a drink from a tiny Cup. I liked the coffee, details later. The girl also asked whether to bring us drinks immediately or for Breakfast — for this plus.

The work of the staff left a good impression. Quickly, politely, attentively and, especially I will note, friendly.

Coffee black, 200 ml
100 Fine.
The drink had a bright currant aroma, berry notes and pleasant acidity. Not very dense, sweet, delicate, he liked even my companion — a lover of bitterness in coffee, for some simplicity and charm. The café serves high-quality grain. Confirmed my thought and the next drink.
Cappuccino included in the price of Breakfast
Cooked to glory! Stable foam, which did not do anything, even when the drink was coming to an end, a palpable taste of coffee — the same, Kenyan, which is not interrupted even the taste of heavy cream. The drink did not require any sugar or other additives. I wish I’d taken a large mug.

American breakfast
289 Lower middle
But with the food at the cake and coffee Union, it seemed to me, not everything was so rosy. Breakfast was brought barely warm 10 minutes after ordering. On the plate was the usual frosting, lightly fried bacon, faded cherry, Idaho potatoes and a couple slices of bread. Last on the menu was declared as “home”, but from the “home” there was nothing. This is ordinary bread baked at the factory.

The BBQ sauce taste with himonya was also clearly mustreproduce from the nearest supermarket. Idaho potatoes, I feel, are made of frozen semi-finished products: under the fried crust was a starch mash.

The same Breakfast can be made at home in a hurry. And it might even taste better.

I almost forgot. For American Breakfast a little later brought a pancake. But not a punk, which would be logical, but an ordinary Russian pancake. But with real maple syrup, sugary and viscous. The pancake tasted good — thick, low-fat, airy. But absolutely cold and for some reason with ragged edges.

What is not to complain, so it is to the satiety of Breakfast. My companion concluded that it was impossible not to eat so much food. But, alas, only for one satiety can’t put more than three.

Egg “Benedict” with bacon
One hundred sixty nine
B minus. This dish also turned out to be barely warm on the table. It is remarkable that in its middle even not melted cheese hid. With the naked eye you could find the hack cook. Poached egg for “Benedict” he cooked in a bag, as do Housewives, and not with a water funnel. The toast bread below was fried to such an extent that it was not cut at all, but came off in pieces.

From the pros can note three points: the egg was not spread, salad misted with balsamic spice, and the dish, the chef himself (!) made a nice yolk-based sauce with the addition of dried herbs. Thanks to this dish pulls on a C grade with a plus or a four with a minus.

Chocolate muffin
90’s great.
Indeed, the chip institution — it’s baking. The muffin had no issues and only shouting from the category of “wow!”. Cupcake is huge. So much so that they can eat one. Inside it is a wet biscuit with banana pieces and splashes of melted chocolate, and on top — almost crispy crust. Very chocolate, rich, tasty. Solid five.

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Relevant recommendations Lisa Siropulo
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