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Eva Grill in “BBB” cheered up not coffee, and service

Summer morning include Hiking and breakfasts outside the home. Agree with me? So I decided to walk on Karl Marx and go to one of the institutions. According to my theory, the Belgian restaurant “BBB” is quite suitable for Breakfast: own bakery, European charm.

I went — and was surprised by the strong stuffiness. In the first room there is no air conditioning, and the staff periodically ventilates the room, opening the front door.

In General, I liked the decor: loft, high ceilings, wooden tables, simple lamps, greenery and books on the windowsills. Despite its simplicity, it was comfortable.My companion and I were immediately approached by a waitress, who did not introduce herself (I was already used to it) and handed over the Breakfast menu. It was afraid of fire because of the answers she had almost none.

The girl did not know what jams they have to cheesecakes, what kind of institution serves coffee beans. She did not ask whether to bring drinks in advance or together with dishes, American or espresso we want for Breakfast (the menu was supposed to choose).

The waitress remembered that we need to talk to the guests about 30 minutes after our arrival. He ran and asked: “Croissant with coffee or after?”At that moment, my mug was already empty.

Americano, included in the Breakfast price
This disgusting coffee has not tried for a long time. Tastes like Peregrina sunflower husk. In my opinion, even in the coffee machine Americano is better. No pleasure, aftertaste, it is difficult to judge the density and the like things.

I asked the waitress what the liquid was made of. She couldn’t answer right away, she went to the kitchen. Returning, said that even the Barista does not know what kind of grain, and added that this coffee can not be burned. Curtain.
180 Fine.
I love the natural sweetness of milk or cream and my favorite among coffees is cappuccino. But this time I decided to move away from the tradition, “sweeten” the morning, and ordered RAF.

Given the way Americano is brewed here, I clearly made the right choice. After all, RAF is traditionally done in such a way as to drown out the coffee taste. In a large number of cream added vanilla sugar and whisk them with coffee. The drink that was brought to me was clearly made that way. The taste was very creamy, airy and vanilla. The coffee taste was not felt — and thank God!
English breakfast
380 is Fine
When ordered this dish, I still woke up beggar and whispered in my ear that 380 rubles for Breakfast — it’s expensive. But when the plate was on the table, I calmed down a little: it was worth it — a lot of mushrooms, bacon, a large homemade chicken sausage, red beans are not from a can.

The taste, as well as the appearance, everything is also very nice. It seems that the mushrooms pre-marinated and then cooked on the Josper — felt smoke. Tomatoes roasted in balsamic vinegar, than added them to taste.

Large crispy toast, carefully cut off the crust it was possible to put everything that was in the dish, especially the fried egg, beans or bacon. All in harmony and complement each other. More importantly, the dish was very nourishing. Five points. Perhaps, lacked some greenery for jewelry, but this cannot be call a flaw.
Breakfast Maximus
300 Good
In this Breakfast I was waiting for a neat rose of fish, which hid the eyes on the toast and was sprinkled with something resembling pesto sauce. Serving is much nicer than the previous dish.

Tender salted salmon perfectly combined with egg and bread. But here’s the spinach I had issues — simply because it was in the description of the dish, but not on the plate. Two tiny leaves don’t count. The cook made up for the lack of spinach by the presence of arugula and the usual green salad. I do not like when they promise and do not do, so I put the “four”.

Cheesecakes with jam
170 Bad
Cheesecakes did not like at all: dry, tasteless and uninteresting. My companion concluded that they tasted like a casserole in kindergarten that no one ever wanted to eat.

The only thing that slightly stretched the dish is raspberry jam. It was moderately sweet, with sourness and natural taste of berries.
100 Fine.
The croissant was great — tender, moderately thick, slightly crispy. It would have been even more fun if it had been brought along with the coffee.

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