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“Pita bar”: home simplicity

Even on vacation I can not pass by interesting projects. Ah very wanted to tell you about some institutions. Moreover, Eva Grill externally passed in June “Breakfast” and needs a breather. I’ll take over for a while. And I’ll start with a new place on Karl Marx — “Pete bar”, an institution, the appearance of which I was really happy.

“Pita bar” resembles a small cafe in a European town. Modestly decorated, small space, 5-6 close-set tables, because of the bar is clearly visible kitchen, which employs chefs led by the owner (former chef of a famous institution, by the way). The man and about the menu tells the guests, and prepares for them, and the opinion of the dishes learns.

Often restaurants trying to boast of: we have, like, home. But no matter how hard you try, home simplicity is felt only in a cafe of this format. Chain kitchen-guest minimized. Here it, the person who for you prepared, sympathetically asks why didn’t finish: “Maybe, it wasn’t pleasant, to remake?”. I don’t remember ever seeing anything like this anywhere else in Irkutsk.

Very nice for the guest format, but I think emotionally difficult for the owners. Town because we are not the resort, people come in frowning, emotions are not always positive. That looks boss and his Secretary (the girl-the cashier-the waiter in a high chair next to the Desk) tired and very serious, focused. But I this strain did not interfere: after all, try for me and they do! The dishes on the table appear quickly, everything is very clean, which is a rarity for a fast food restaurant, and the taste of food… Now I will tell you in detail about everything.

Lemonade “Orange-rosemary”, 150 rubles

I rarely order lemonades in a cafe — if I want a refreshing drink, I prefer smoothies or juice. But in the cafe I had a herd instinct: two girls right in front of me in the queue chose lemonade, and the cashier read aloud to her options. The combinations were unusual, sounded appetizing, so I swam.
Most of all I wanted an orange-rosemary drink: immediately presented a beautiful large glass of sparkling water and bright acidity of oranges combined with bitter and fragrant spice of rosemary. About this I got, only in addition to the taste pleased with the temperature and softness: happy to drink cool and not vigorously carbonated lemonade. The only negative wrote in his notebook: sweeter than I would like, and the taste of rosemary this was not very bright, clean. But I’m sure it’s easy for me to correct the bartender, I ask to add to the container a little less syrup. But this is during the next visit.

Salad with trout and egg, 250 rubles

The main ingredients here, of course, trout, egg and bread (here — a cake of Pete). The classic combination, all its components were in order: a delicate salted fish, professionally executed smooth and well flowing poached and warm fresh flat cake.

Everything else: fried to a crisp with the aroma of cilantro falafel, pickled corn, arugula, Beijing cabbage, tomatoes and green sauce — a nice addition and a very appropriate fantasy chef. Salad five.

Soup of the day (cheese), 210 rubles

Wonderful soup! Thick, rich creamy, molten hot mashed potatoes, cheese mousses and noble taste oregano. Porous pita warmed perfectly complements bright flavor. I tried a couple of times to dip the cake in a nice Sunny liquid, as in the sauce – it was very tasty, and I would have continued to eat the soup that way, but regretted myself for the next dish and pushed the plate.
Pita with tomato and beef, 250 rubles

Pita complements almost every dish cafe, but, of course, it is best understood as a pocket for different fillings. Before going here I read a little reviews in “Instagram”, many praised it with beef and tomato filling.

And I’m joining this army of fans. The contents of the pita resembled goulash: a lot of rich tomato and meat sauce, large pieces of baked juicy vegetables and soft cubes of beef. All this was held by a dense elastic cake, which was neutral in taste compared to the filling, only slightly sweet and salty – the role of the second plan is executed perfectly. Potatoes offset: crispy, with a good amount of spices. Visually Golden bars, of course, decorate the dish, but if we talk about the taste, self-sufficient pita could do without them. However, perhaps it seems so to me because I’m not a fan of the fries.

Dessert of the day, 170 rubles

In my opinion, all that studded the top of the dessert, completely unnecessary, it was in my way visually and taste was not interesting. When I unloaded everything at the napkin, directly felt the perfectionist inside relaxed. Tried.
This is a great answer tiramisu, with all my love for Italian dessert, delicacy in a jar seemed to me even tastier classics. Base — thick and smooth mouth-watering banana coffee cream, enveloping well-soaked pieces of sponge cake. And if I dipped a spoon deeper, this amazing Duo was joined by natural strawberry jam and fresh pieces of kiwi. I warn you, the dessert is extremely insidious: it seems easy, not sweet at all, you want to eat more and more – you do not notice how you have already eaten half a jar. Meanwhile, all this is very satisfying. So suggest between each spoonful to pause and pass on compliments to the chef.

Turkish donuts, 100 rubles

Probably, under impression of the other dishes at the café, I decided that I should definitely try and donuts: they certainly have something special. But no – they do not differ much from traditional home-made Goodies: lush, soft, smell like butter, very greasy. And chocolate on top. However, if you love it, try it, do not be disappointed.

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