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Imaginary creamy sauce and a cracked glass at the vineyard.»

We are working ahead of the curve: the month is not over yet, and I have already visited three institutions of the same subject and started a new portion of reviews. This time I decided to go to the wine bars – it has become very popular in recent years, this topic among Irkutsk restaurateurs. Although it is obvious that the Haute cuisine in the institution format “wine bar” should not wait. In fact, the main task of food in this case – only profitable shade actually what goes here guest.

My first victim was the “Vineyard”, located in 130-m quarter. The wine bar was a super-small room in one of the stylized wooden houses. Everything here is intended only for subtle ladies and gentlemen: narrow chairs, passages between them, a corridor in which hardly two people will miss each other. The atmosphere is somewhat reminiscent of a wine cellar, which miraculously stuffed furniture. And this, I think, can be considered a plus of the atmosphere of the institution.

It’s cool until you go to the bathroom. Here the distress and resentment: the messy, uncomfortable, obklopen. Especially amused ugly air freshener, it is clearly not from here. There was a desire to see the situation and quickly return to the hall.

Moreover, there we waited for the nice girl waiter. It somehow at once has disposed to itself and has created a cosiness. It did not have that feigned cordiality, which is often found in the catering. The girl is perfectly aware of the range of drinks and menus – just can not find fault.
When ordered dinner, it turned out that there was no cheesecake with berry sauce, which is so praised in the “Instagram” places. I was really counting on him. Alcoholic ice cream, as the waiter explained, is just a cream ball accompanied by a glass of strong drink. Not my option at all. More, alas, among the desserts in the “Vineyard” I found nothing remarkable. Well, not a fruit plate to order, in the end.

That evening I was left without dessert, and therefore tea/coffee was not, as they had nothing to drink. I confess that the main drinks were the ones that can not be called. Alas, dear reader, I will leave you without their description. I can only say that they were good, that’s just one brought in a cracked glass. I don’t quite see how you can miss it — there was a huge crack. But after my request capacity of apology replaced.

Assorted olives “Peloponnese”, 120 rubles

Ordered the olives are pitted, stuffed with peppers, but they announced later the waiter over. Took “Peloponnese” — black and green olives with a bone. Brought almost immediately.
There’s not much to say, to be honest. Canned high quality — tight, without other flavors, hemotest. Everything made in the kitchen “Vinyard” with them, in my opinion, is pulled from the jar and poured olive oil. It was difficult to prick olives, they continually strove to escape from a skewer, but it is not a big trouble. It was difficult to figure out where to put bone: no containers that were not intended. I had to spit them into a napkin that was not aesthetically pleasing. And still napkins on our tiny table not it turned out, had to to take away with neighboring.

I put a watery “four” (thanks to the manufacturer of olives). “Vainard” could have thought a little better about their submission.

Tapas with beef jerky and pickled currant, 210 rubles;

The appetizer was served half an hour after the order was made. It was possible and quicker, of course. Taking into account that in a hall except us there were only two girls who soon left.
The taste of the dish convinced me that it was not in vain waiting for him. Beef jerky on thin slices of lightly roasted black bread with a currant berry on top delighted: spicy, spicy, with a light sour sweetness. Such a concentrated taste in such a small piece of food — amazing! Perfect appetizer — I give her five points.

Salad with duck, 320 rubles

After 40 minutes after ordering they brought the salad. By the way, places on the table was extremely small, three plates, in fact, already do not fit, so had to put something on a nearby table, fortunately, it was empty.

Another observation: in the kitchen periodically something with a deafening roar dropped, and it was perfectly audible in the hall. With the light working chef, I understood why I brought the cracked glass.

Now the salad. There was a lot of slices of smoked duck, Parmesan and rocket salad mixed with iceberg lettuce, zucchini and cherry tomatoes. It was all seasoned with sweet and sour sauce. And at the bottom under the lettuce was a little bit of remoulade — sauce based on homemade mayonnaise (I forgot to stir the salad for the photo to show it).
All this was perfectly combined, the salad was light, fresh, harmonious. The main role was played, of course, duck — surprisingly low-fat and not dry. The tender fowl melted in his mouth. Incredibly pleased cherry – a small, firm and sweet. After those watery ones you put in all the salads in restaurants in the winter, it was like a breath of fresh air. Salad gets a solid “five”.

Grilled vegetables, 150 rubles

Surprised by the portion size: the plate is not placed on the table. And there were not two zucchini, onion and bell pepper, as is often the case in other institutions, and a full set of vegetables plus mushrooms. They were complemented by sweet and sour sauce, as it turned out, pomegranate. It looked more than appetizing, there was a light garlic aroma. The taste – excellent, moderately salty, quite fat; especially I liked mushrooms. They were able to bake so that under a light crust hiding amazing juicy flesh.

I did not like the large cut tomatoes: inside they were completely raw. I guess I need to keep this vegetable is not turned on the grill to mush. Great dish – and as a side dish, and as a snack.

Spaghetti with seafood in cream sauce, 390 rubles

The final chord was pasta, it was brought more than an hour after the order. And to it were remarks. First, spaghetti is clearly not al dente. Good thing they didn’t stick together. Secondly, there is very little seafood. Although they — and shrimp, and mussels — were high quality and well prepared: not rubber, with a rich taste.

And third, where’s my cream sauce? It’s like all soaked in pasta and disappeared, in the photo you can see, so to speak, clean and dry spaghetti. And the last – the dish is almost not salted, which is very Amateur. Yes, so brighter was the taste of seafood, but spaghetti were quite uninteresting and dim. There is their cost only for satiety, but not for large pleasure. I’ll give you a four just for the fine seafood.

Read more: http://www.irk.ru/obed/columnist/article/81920/

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