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Where to try Thai dishes in Irkutsk?

Thai cuisine, like all Asian, at the peak of popularity, finally the trend reached Irkutsk. Tom Yam, Tom Kha, small kebabs in spicy sauce, noodles, pancakes “Rotti” — all this is now in the “top”, but, unfortunately, is not always tasty in restaurants.

By trial and error we found a few well-prepared Thai dishes. Five of them were in the restaurant Chin-Chin* on Timiryazev. We will be happy to tell you about each delicacy.

Tom Kha with shrimp

Unlike the slightly more popular Thai Tom Yama, Tom Kha is softer, it is less sharp. But the taste of this only interesting: first broth seems very gentle, alkaline, and then gradually, waves, reveals a bright taste of lemongrass, ginger and spicy pasta. This is the Tom Kha we were served in the restaurant Chin-Chin.

In broth a pleasure to meet large meaty shrimps, neatly sliced mushrooms, juicy sour cherry and slices of roots, which can be a little bite more spice. Do not forget about rice: someone likes to eat it in the mouth, someone — just throw the whole Cup with a side dish in the soup. The restaurant uses only Thai rice, thanks to the special taste and aroma it is interesting to eat even without soup.

Yes, and keep in mind the actual portion: the dish is advisable to book for two. A large Cup holds 500 grams of soup. It comes with a ladle to pour Tom Kha in small bowls for each person.

Thai kebabs “Satay»

Special love and affection of tourists who visited Thailand, belongs to little skewers that can be found in mobile food carts, makashnits. Kebabs are made from chicken, pork, seafood, but always kept in advance in a special marinade, then fried on all sides and served with a spicy-sweet sauce.
The chin-Chin restaurant serves satay chicken. It turns out very similar to those that are sold in a Sunny country: a slightly crunchy crust, tender meat with a rich taste of spicy marinade and a viscous bright sauce. It was the taste of home away from home, another would be by moped passed — and you are exactly in Tae.

Thai fried rice in pineapple

Perhaps the most spectacular dish in Thailand Chin-Chin looks no worse than the original. Crumbly fatty rice with love kneaded with chicken fillet or shrimp, flavored with green peas and large cubes of pineapples. After a portion, it’s great to scrape the bottom of the pineapple with a spoon.
This dish will be a great decoration of the holiday, no wonder banquets in Chin-Chin are very popular. The table is always very nicely served and dishes to your taste are selected carefully.
Sea bass fried with tamarind sauce

Fish fans dedicated. Crunch crust in a juicy sauce and garlic flavor with nothing to compare. And what a tender, decaying and melting flesh on the tongue inside… Another warning about a large portion: the fish is better to take for two, very satisfying!
It’s amazing how similar the fish is to the one served in Tae! The secret, of course, in the professionalism of chefs who love and appreciate Asian cuisine. But it is also important that the fish, like all Thai dishes in Chin-Chin, are prepared only with the use of real Thai spices. Owners emphasize: “No “miracle seasoning”, only fresh products and the most fragrant spices.”

Pancakes “Rotti»

And now the great news for the sweet tooth: in Chin-Chin cook delicious pancakes “Rotti”. Even in Thailand, these can be found not everywhere. Between thin but dense cakes of viscous crispy dough melts tender banana filling… It’s a fairy tale! And in this case, most likely, the portion will not be enough for you, ask for a second immediately.
They say that “Rotti” is especially loved by children, regular guests of the restaurant Chin-Chin. There is a well-equipped corner with toys, chalk Board, pencils and coloring books, so kids are not bored in the restaurant.

Beautiful turned top of five Thai dishes. Feel free to order this set, if you have not been on vacation. Chin-Chin has a delivery service, and to organize a gastronomic journey to the country of thousands of smiles, you do not even have to leave home.

But do not be lazy and look at Chin-Chin. This is a restaurant where there is a feeling of vacation, it wants to stay longer. The owners approached the interior design seriously: in a small space of the restaurant there is a lot of greenery, laconically placed light furniture. Tables are always covered with clean white tablecloths, beautiful lamps on the ceilings, the walls are decorated with paintings and panels. Here it is pleasant and tasty to spend time…

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