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Drink&Dranik: Where to eat and drink in Minsk
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Eva Grill visited the trattoria “on the area»

Hiding for a week and a half, I hatched a plan for the next March-throw in one of the Irkutsk wine bars. Apparently, there was a leak, because when I decided to descend into one of these institutions, it was closed for unknown reasons.

Quickly relocated from the city center to the new bar “on the area” – Caffe e Vino (“Coffee and wine”) in Sunny. The move took an unforgivable amount of time, and I arrived at an institution that worked only up to 22 hours, an hour before closing. This largely determined the entire course of my dinner — a little crumpled and hurried.

At the entrance, the waiter met a young man, as if in principle incapable of a smile. Sad guy looked especially contrasting on the background of the cute interior, joyfully took me in his arms their pillows and soft sofas.

I found myself in a small Italian trattoria, the interior of which is made in deep maroon and green tones, the details were mostly contrasting — striped lamps, bright pillows and sofas. Charm added cute details — napkin holders, vases with fresh flowers and wooden boxes unknown to me purpose. The feeling of comfort was definitely present. And despite the limited time, I did not want to rush anywhere.

The number of mirrors on the walls was off scale, which made it very difficult for me to work. When photographing the room, had to turn on the “savvy” to the maximum, not to get into the frame.

Menu pleased with the brevity, that’s just where desserts? Until there is no — cut off waiter-beech. The young man was sparing of words — he obviously was in a hurry to serve us and walk away into the sunset. When I specified, exactly whether in 22 hours is closed a place, the young man responded, that today, perhaps, even before. He was in such a hurry that he didn’t even offer the bar card, so I had to ask her myself. About its features in this institution even the speech wasn’t conducted — such stories, probably, I didn’t deserve today.

Made an order — the first dish promised to bring within 15 minutes. The waiting took place to the accompaniment of Italian pop music and the grunting-gurgling sounds of a semi-legal air conditioner. A couple of times during the evening he gave a sharp “trrr” like it was Kolotilo. Creepy, I tell you. And they brought everything really quickly: apparently, not only the waiter, but also the cook wanted to go home on time.

Tea, fruit tea, 150 rubles

Himonya ordinary tea bags. No hint of natural fruit in the teapot. Not a thick, unsweetened, slightly watery drink. I don’t even know what score to give. Let it be “three”.

Flat-white coffee, 150 rubles

“Perfect” — that’s what was stated in the “Instagram” places. So I waited for coffee with impatience: I was wondering whether the loud statement of the restaurant about it would be justified.
The role of the Barista was performed by the same young waiter. He said that on the Board are not all positions, and it is possible to order any classic version of coffee. I usually take cappuccino everywhere, but I wasn’t in the mood for it that day. I wanted something more invigorating – the ideal solution was flat white. The drink was strong, rich, with an ideal ratio of milk and espresso (double). Coffee itself is bitter, clean aftertaste of coffee. The grain was very small perisinotti, which I blamed on the blemish cooking. Some special nut, tobacco or berry undertones I did not understand, to be honest. But in General I was satisfied.

Caffe E Vino salad, 380 rubles;

The waiter served the signature salad in a glass and with one small spoon (although there were two people at the table). The dish in a very small cut with a lot of dressing left not the most pleasant impression. I simply could not eat it because of the sharp acetic smell and taste, which mercilessly suppressed all that was good here.

Which is a pity. Smoked chicken, beef, pickles, red onions, small pasta Acini di pepe (“Achini di Pepe” – pepper grains, it.) noteworthy: an interesting combination in which each ingredient could be revealed from an unusual side, if not filling such a destructive acid. Perhaps the management of the institution will read this review and make adjustments to the recipe. In the meantime, only “three”.

Soup with seafood, 370 rubles

What the cook managed to do was soup: ginger combined with Italian herbs and red pepper gave piquancy to the dish, and cream combined with seafood — squid, shrimp and mussels. Cherry, zucchini, capers, carrots and onions were also found in the fragrant broth. Such an Italian variation on the theme of Thai soup “Tom Kha”, it seemed to me. I put “five” and take note. Good option for lunch when you want something warm, bright and nezaezzhennaya.

Pasta with porcini mushrooms and smoked chicken, 420 rubles

This dish was the opening of the evening: “on the tooth” cooked fettuccine, generously sprinkled with hard cheese (not Parmesan, of course) in an ensemble with wild mushrooms (it seems, oyster mushrooms), smoky chicken and pine nuts. The latter, by the way, I think, can make almost any dish special.
All the ingredients are harmoniously combined with cream sauce, which the chef added in abundance. I wanted to eat everything and ask for more, although the portion and so rather big. Excellent delicate paste with the perfect combination of components.

Assorted bruschettas, 380 rubles

A nice – looking set of bruschettas with smoked beef, salmon with avocado and tomatoes with mozzarella turned out to be hopelessly spoiled. All, absolutely all pieces of bread were actually incinerated in the pan. At the same time they were soaked through with oil.

I scraped off some of the topping with great disappointment and set the plate aside. When the waiter came, she honestly said that the dish was spoiled. And then there was an action, the sacred meaning of which I can not understand until now. The young man took the plates, put them at the next table and, simultaneously apologizing for the mistake of the cook, poured the burners into a bowl with the remains of my soup. It seems that with the last clients he decided that day not to stand on ceremony – didn’t bring also the account which we soon asked.

She walked over to the bar to pay (the clock was 22:00) where he met with pretty girl – apparently, either the management or the owner of the establishment. She asked if everything was pleasant, and, having heard my answer, asked the waiter not to include bruschetta in the bill.

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