Eva Grill in "BBB" cheered up not coffee, and service
Summer morning include Hiking and breakfasts outside the home. Agree with me? So I decided to walk on Karl Marx and go to one of the institutions. According to my…

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Eva Grill visited the trattoria "on the area»
Hiding for a week and a half, I hatched a plan for the next March-throw in one of the Irkutsk wine bars. Apparently, there was a leak, because when I…

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Who's who: the world Day of chefs
The main person in any institution is a cook. It depends on it how the menu will look like, what products will be on your plate and how tasty and…

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“Gin Fizz”: about people and about food

I think I discovered a superpower in front of me closed barely started bars and restaurants. Before I got to the place, which will be this review, had three times to turn around near the locked door. It was like this.

As you remember, this month I walk around the wine bars, and in our city, alas, not so much. One of those guys – “No sommelier” in Kiev, 1. His instagram page beckoned: “Waiting for dinner”, “Come”, “only you are Missing”. Well, as the heart does not respond?
The first time I flew there last week, the bar was closed. Well, I thought: not all such places can work during the week. The situation repeated itself to the last detail a few days later: the beckoning storis, the locked door, the lights out, the ruined evening. Apparently, the poor of SMM-the Manager just said that to drum up more nowhere and no reason.

Do not take the arrow of a Tartar: I went in recently revived from the ashes of “Shambhala”, which is now in the middle of the street of Karl Marx, on the site of the closed “the tower”. But there it was. On a promising weekday evening, and this door was locked. And here, to be honest, I was close to despair: the third evening with frustrated plans.

My merciful editor came to the rescue. He said that there are many unique things to me is in the “Dorenberg” for example, the bar “gin Fizz”. Well, not wine, of course, but I’m just tired of searching. By the way, bars will be the theme of the next month.

“Gene Fizz” is located in a historically suitable place for him — in the building of the former brewery of Fyodor Dorenberg. However, frankly speaking, the surrounding situation does not correspond to the catering establishment. Around – a large Parking lot filled with cars and some building materials, a view of the car and tire across the road.

Inside – gloomy and little light, especially on the second floor – did not even get to take a picture. Very laconic “male” interior: bar counter made of solid wood, a few dark sofas, almost merged with the walls. The latter – graffiti, several paintings and nailed as shelves boxes. On the summer terrace too, no frills type of blinds and colors, tables and chairs made of rattan. It is noteworthy that the guests here are mostly men. Of course, the girls because even take a picture in the “Instagram” there is nowhere…

The waiter immediately came to us, brought water, introduced himself as Vanya, said that drinks are not limited to the menu. “In General, “Jean Fizz” is not about papers, but about people,” the young man proudly said and drew our attention to the motto of the institution, written above the entrance: “our guest has a name.” Made a reservation, however, that all the names we say, of course, do not remember, but it does not interfere with the friendly atmosphere. And it is here, however, quite comfortable, despite the rough interior. Ivan throughout the evening was interested in how we were doing, what our preferences for drinks, reported the readiness of dishes, cleaned the table, and all this is quite unobtrusive: there was no feeling that it is “too much”.

Order accepted immediately, but waiting for food took so long – about 40 minutes. Ivan explained it with a big load. I didn’t see one, to be honest, but okay, there was no rush.

Bruschetta with beef tartare, 350 rubles

The bruschetta looked palely in and of themselves, and in this meager supply with two microquake cherry. The tightly formed topping was piled on pieces of an ordinary white loaf, in no way fried, but oiled with herbs.
As for the Tartar itself – it was powerfully pickled, the taste was a lot of vinegar and mustard, as well as red onions. I didn’t feel pepper or Tabasco, and I didn’t have enough ostrich. The structure of the meat mass was quite indistinct, stuck together, not completely cleared of films and veins. All this, in General, was edible, but did not bring pleasure.

Salad with salted salmon, 380 rubles

The menu indicated that this salad should contain marinated tangerines and sauce from “pumped up” (so it is written, honestly) Suluguni. However, the fruit was added in the usual form. How come? In fact, because of this raisin and ordered.
A “pumped up” Suluguni was not bad, except that the haze is not particularly felt – more creamy taste and herbs. The sauce is perfect for country-style potatoes and salmon. The latter was dense, not peremorozhennaya, but not particularly fragrant – normal, just pulled out of the store vacuum packaging.

Three sprigs of asparagus decorated the salad – and this was a pleasant surprise for me, despite the fact that they were slightly overshadowed. All together it was a pleasant and clear to taste combination. I give the salad a positive rating.

Salad with hummus, 300 rubles

This salad at the stage of the order I was bribed by the presence of hummus in the composition. However, so anxiously expected, in the end he did not particularly pleased me. Dense chickpeas lumps and asked in its composition more lemon, garlic, paprika and other spices.

A drop of brightness in a simple combination of poor Chinese cucumbers, tomatoes, overcooked poached, lettuce and hummus made dressing of olive oil, sweet syrup and mustard seeds, and it also connected all together.

Dorado with pumpkin cream, 450 rubles

Here I have almost no words: the hour waiting was worth it. Dorado gorgeous – juicy, tender, obviously well-thawed and cooked fish. Here the dislike of the chef to the spices went in, plus the taste is light marine fishes, were not scored. The only negative – it has served well, just a token amount of pumpkin puree. Nevertheless – five points.
Beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes, 350 rubles

The second hot and the chef has clearly succeeded. Here, unlike Tartarus, there were no extraneous structures in the meat – no veins. Richly shrouded in sour cream, beef Stroganoff is prepared in such a way that chew it almost did not need: Yes, the very “melting in the mouth.” Mashed potatoes with butter and milk caused great joy: the taste as in the childhood of my grandmother.

Read more: http://www.irk.ru/obed/columnist/article/82369/

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