Gastrokid Zurich
Zurich, without attracting attention from a gastronomic point of view, will give odds to many European cities. The main message that is broadcast by restaurateurs and chefs is the use…

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Eva Grill in "BBB" cheered up not coffee, and service
Summer morning include Hiking and breakfasts outside the home. Agree with me? So I decided to walk on Karl Marx and go to one of the institutions. According to my…

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A chef is a dream job?
Do you like to watch "Hell's kitchen" on TV or feel the real pleasure of watching another series about chefs on Netflix? It seems that everything is so simple. But…

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A daily vacation in the “Berth №1»

But recently Обед opened the place in which you can easily forget about everyday life. The beach restaurant “Berth №1” took care of every detail to make you feel at least for a few hours on vacation.

“Berth №1” is located on the picturesque Bank of the Angara river, on the Upper Embankment. Why here well, tell.

1. You can sunbathe and splash in the clean pool.
Yes, no doubt, every morning the pool is looked after, with the help of special devices check the water quality. In the locker rooms there are showers, you can rinse before and after a rest.
It offers comfortable sun loungers and a large selection of circles and mattresses: inflatable unicorns, a slice of pizza, watermelons, donuts – all this is for both children and adults. And it is given to guests free of charge.

You can visit the pool area with an entrance ticket. The cost of a ticket on weekdays – 200 rubles per hour (children under 12 years of free admission), or 700 rubles for the whole day. At the weekend, the ticket is bought only for the whole day: 800 rubles – for adults, 600 rubles – for children (children under 5 years free of charge). In addition, there are VIP cabins for two. At your disposal sunbeds and a liter of lemonade as a gift (on weekends). Cost for two (all day): on weekdays — 1600 rubles and on weekends — 2000 rubles.

2. You can enjoy beautiful cool cocktails.
Next to the pool, there is a bar serving refreshing lemonades, fresh juices, smoothies and other drinks with photogenic glasses (they are just created to post on instagram). You can drink your summer cocktail here, on a sun lounger, or hide in the shade — in the gazebo with light fluttering curtains.
3. You can eat in a cozy restaurant on the water.
Inside the spacious room, long curtains, furniture nice mint color, elegant white flowers and… a beautiful view from the window of the Hangar. You seem to be sailing down the river on a big ship. Beautiful, especially when the sun goes down! You can see the sunset from the restaurant’s cabin window.

A simple but highly original menu for “Pier No. 1” was developed by the head chef Vladislav Ashaev. Mainly presented dishes of fish and seafood, there are kebabs, steaks, as well as interesting innovations. For example, Обед appreciated salad “Mousse under a fur coat” (fantasy on the theme of the famous salad) and dessert “Cream halva”.

In addition to the main menu, the restaurant also has a summer offer with signature okroshka, a large assortment of burgers, hot dogs, pizza and bruschett. There is also a children’s menu, created specifically for young guests.

By the way, the restaurant will be open all year round, including in the winter, when the rink will be flooded. So you can plan any holidays here, the chef has already prepared a Banquet offer.

4. You can enjoy the company in a separate lounge area.
“Berth №1” has equipped a covered terrace for companies up to 25 people. Here you can also take advantage of a Banquet offer or make an order from the main menu. Tip: the place is ideal for stag and hen parties, stag and hen parties. Entrance on Deposit: 25 thousand rubles from the company. Important! This is not just an entrance ticket, the amount pays for your order of food and drinks in the restaurant.

5. You can bring your children and not worry that they are bored. After all, in the “Pier №1” great game room: spacious, bright, with a maze and a lot of toys.

If you go down to the restaurant area with a stroller, do not forget to use the bell at the entrance. The staff will help you!
In General, all you need in the “Pier №1” — is to relax and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a beach holiday. The restaurant staff will make sure that you are comfortable. Feel like a real vacation, at least for a while!

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