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Checked Restoran.ru: Tilda Restaurant

November is a transitional period of adaptation to subzero temperature: you will not walk with the thought: “Now something will come across on the road”. It’s time for clear routes and pre-verified locations.

We pass the American fast food, then – Soviet fast food – cheburechnaya exists in the center of the capital much longer than ours. Turn into Sytinsky lane, then left – we are in place. Unremarkable entrance group, the restaurant are steps at the entrance – a perch for smokers.

Tilda Restaurant
Dim lights, intimate half-darkness and the size of the place itself. On the right hand – two bars, simulating wardrobe. Determine the outer clothing on the hanger. The whole room at a glance, it is impossible to go unnoticed. The waiter flies up and escorts us to the Central table. The room for fifty people at most. Forward on the catwalk – at the level of the front door – past two high tables designed for two and a wine Cabinet. The main landing – below on three stage.

Tilda Restaurant
The menu is the ideal size for the format of the institution. Positions in the wine list skillfully scattered by category, revealing the methods of production, more than 30 positions poured into glasses.

– Caring sommelier funny described and signed the wine.
– Yeah, I think I’ll take the Chardonnay, which is apricot girl. Tighter and more fragrant.”
– And I’m an Austrian Gruner, “spices and gastronomy.”
– Sommelier really caring: wine freaks have something to have fun.
– Let’s start with the appetizers? What do you like about it?

Order the edamame beans from the hummus (450 rubles) and chicken liver pate with strawberry and sorrel (450 rubles) and news from the section hot appetizers – baked cauliflower with tomato salsa and smoked cheese (550 rubles), Argentine shrimp pritima and cava sauce (850 rubles) and chicken skewers with peanut sauce, and blue rice (590 RUB).

After the wine and forward snacks bring craft bread with homemade butter with seaweed nori, and it’s a delight! Tilda craft in many: dishes made in the ceramic workshop of the Moscow custom, luxurious chandelier, glass plates and surprisingly space-saving the door to the bathroom too.

Tilda Restaurant
We obviously did not calculate their capabilities: warming up under the wine turns into a full dinner.

– Have you tried hummus? How do you paste? I do not like to combine meat with sweet. I solemnly present it to you.
Pate neatly laid on small bars of biscuit, flavored with berry jam and piled on top of finely chopped herbs. I destroyed the whole structure and ate a lot of chicken liver separately, washed down with my Gruner.

The carefully charred cauliflower head glitters with fragrant oil and finely chopped tomatoes with smoked slightly salty cheese. The smell of the fire awakens the appetite, color Kachan smells the same as butter in “Gorynych”. The main thing in this case is not to get involved, otherwise the food is frankly bitter and associated with the ignition for the fire.

Cauliflower, salsa, smoked cheese
Baked cauliflower with tomato salsa and smoked cheese

– Don’t lean on the hummus, we won’t get to the hot one.
– We already have it and so does not Shine – hearty snacks.
A generous portion of bright green hummus from edamame flavored with sesame seeds and beans. The texture is delicate, it is difficult to stop to dip crispy edges of bread into it.

– I love ptitim, shrimps excellent – fleshy and juicy, but sauce for me sour, as if tomato pasta.
– It’s Kava sauce, not tomato sauce! You don’t understand. But shrimp is really good.
– And this is the instagram star!

A plate of small chicken kebabs on a cushion of blue rice appeared in front of us. Alas, in the evening light to photograph the dishes and not to offend their color phone will not work. Chicken meat in sauce on Eastern manners soft and sweet. Dark azure rice is perfectly cooked and stacked – grain to grain.

The only thing I can now master a second glass of wine “for the road”.

The entire evening on time appearing waiter correctly hints at hot or at least on a sample of dessert, but our satiety is adamant. He also learn why rice is blue: cereals soaked in Thai blue tea. And here Thailand!

Resting between glasses of wine, you can look around. At the biggest table at the end of the hall – cheerful, noisy, but not disturbing birthday. Want immediately to join. Squaring is modest, the atmosphere is intimate and cosy. Delight every guest is heard throughout the room. Laughable want to pick up, on any cue – to answer. The atmosphere is relaxing and not a bit awkward because of the critical proximity to the meal next door. Especially after the second glass of wine.

If you want to follow in our footsteps, and for blue rice certainly want, keep in mind, snacks are really very hearty, so to get to the hot, purposefully look in the section with him. And be sure to try the local lemonade “Creamy toffee” (390 rubles for 0.5 l) like a mix of sour milk, condensed milk and caramel. Replace the dessert, impressive and uplifting.

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