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Canadian Pharmacy
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Focus: food Designers

Designers of food settled in the kitchens of modern Housewives. No longer need to think about what to cook for dinner, and drag from the store packages – products with detailed recipes will bring home. No more need to throw away spoiled products – designers solve the problem with unconscious consumption – ingredients will bring exactly as much as you need for the dish. The cost of a set for a week is equivalent, or even less, a check from the store.
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We have ordered three sets of three different food delivery services with recipes and are ready to tell you about all the pros and cons of each.

“Dinner At Home»
Order and delivery

Service “Dinner at Home” offers several types of menu: “Family”, “Original”, “Vegetarian” and “life”. Also, you can separately order a set of breakfasts (from 1440 rubles) and a promotional set “on trial” for those who can not decide on a full order (1390 rubles). The cost of the kits – from 2790 RUB to 3600 RUB. for menu for two for five days. In your order, you can add three more dishes from the list: salad, soup, dessert or something for Breakfast.

If you visit the service site on a weekend, only the menu of the remaining sets will be available. Sold-out parties are removed, and it is impossible to get an idea of what was on the menu. Delivery is free. The coverage area is impressive – from Chekhov to Zelenograd. You can pay for the set in cash to the courier or by credit card on the website.
Courier delivers the set exactly in the selected time interval. A large box with products packaged in Kraft bags, a separate package with frozen ingredients and five A4 recipes. A nice bonus – to each order in a box put a compliment – cookies and cakes. All products come fresh, eggs are Packed in a soft tube, greens and garlic for all dinners are in a separate container (to be honest, we remembered about them only on the fourth day).


Recipes in the set – easy to prepare, cope and novice hostess. Each dish is a small reference, for example, the history of the origin of the dish or advice from the author. Also, it indicates how long it takes to prepare and prepare meals. The only thing we lacked was step-by-step photos of dishes. Some recipes were too bulky – uncomfortable in large paragraphs to look for where you left off when the stove’s burning meat to escape the milk.

Portions are large, enough for dinner for two, and the next day in a container for work. The menu is quite varied: Georgian chicken with mashed potatoes, pasta with seafood and creamy wine sauce, Serbian pleskavitsa with vegetable salad, roast beef with baked vegetables and pilaf with chicken.

+ Adequate cost of dinners for a family of two people; generous portions and a varied menu; free shipping and a large enough coverage area; a compliment in each order.

– No step-by-step cooking photos; some dinner ingredients are not in the General package; the site is not possible to see what was in the previous menu or what will be in the next, if the set in the foot.

Order and delivery

At the entrance to the site of the service Elementaree, immediately offered a 10% discount on the first order, which is quite nice. Three menu types are updated every week: “Every day”, “Mix” and “Premium”. The cost varies from 2500 to 4400 RUB for two to 5 days, depending on the selected menu. When prepaid for a month, the service offers a 20% discount. The minimum number of dinners – 3, the maximum – for the whole week. Also, you can choose the number of people – from 1 to 10.

From the proposed menu, you can remove those dishes that do not like, and add new ones. Various dishes: chicken, meat, fish, vegetables. Payment – by credit card or cash to the courier. Delivery is free inside the ring road and when ordering from 2400 rubles. If the amount is less than 2400 rubles., delivery will cost 400 rubles., even if you live in the center.

The courier brings the kit to the exact time interval you have chosen. Large Kraft bag with five small packages of products for each day and a package with freezing. Separately, five recipes compact format A5, which is convenient during cooking – does not take up much space. Elementaree also made sure that in your set there were the necessary forms for the dish, as well as foil and parchment paper, if suddenly this is not at home.


Each recipe details what you need to get out of the refrigerator and freezer, as well as what ingredients and utensils should be in the kitchen. If the dish is supposed to be cooked in the oven, then, in addition to the main recipe, an alternative will be specified – for a frying pan. But step by step photos were not found. All sauces and breading are already prepared and mixed in a separate package, which has a mark on the composition, calories and shelf life.

Portions are obtained exactly for dinner for two, no more no less. The menu for the week is dominated by chicken dishes with a variety of cereals on the side: chicken cutlets with bulgur, cod with Parmesan and rice, crispy chicken with potatoes, medallions of pork with couscous and citrus chicken fillet with spelt.


The format of the recipe; alternative recipe for the pan; some marinades and sauces are already prepared; bring required forms, foil and parchment.

– No step-by-step photo cooking; free shipping only subject to conditions; not enough variety on the menu.

“Food party»
Order and delivery

Menu service “Party food” has six types: “Classic”, “Premium”, “Family”, “10 minutes”, “Fitness”, “Vegetarian”. You can choose between three or five dinners for two or four people. Cost – 3106 RUB to RUB 4395 (5 days for 2 persons excluding subscriptions). Some items can be removed or added. Supplement the diet is offered compote, desserts, a set of smoothies or breakfasts.

food party, food delivery, food designer
Also in the “food Party” you can order a milk set with farm cottage cheese, yogurt, granola and kefir (1550 rubles) or cheese set, which includes cheeses, dried fruits, olives, honey and baked apples (1772 rubles). Delivery is only available on Sundays and Mondays. In addition to pay for it is not necessary, all for free in Moscow and Moscow region. Payment by cash or card.

During the preparation of our review, Yandex purchased the service

“Party Food”, which indicates the stability and prospects of the project.


The courier brings the set within the specified period. Our came even earlier, with a prior notice. A large box with five Kraft bags with products, a separate thermal package with a cooling element, so that all frozen products do not lose temperature during transportation, and five A4 recipes. In our set of “Party food” put parchment paper needed for cooking.


All recipes – with step by step photos of cooking, which indicates the weight and number of servings, BZHU and calorie, as well as that of the ingredients and utensils should be at home. Each package is marked with information about the cook with his photo, the date of packaging and storage conditions. Portions are large, some dishes were finished the next day.

The menu is quite varied: Turkey cutlets with mashed potatoes and peas, cod with black rice, pasta with chicken and dried tomatoes, medallions of veal and vegetables, spaghetti with pork tenderloin and mushrooms. Cooking is easy, given that there are phased photos – focus more on them.


+ Thermal package and coolant; step by step photos in the recipe; large portions and quite a varied menu; free shipping.

– Price without subscription is higher than other services.

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