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Truth in wine: Where to learn wine culture in Moscow
To drink or not to drink – it is not a question! Question: what to drink and how to choose. Today we will analyze where to learn wine culture in…

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Gastronomic enclave: where to eat in Kaliningrad
Kaliningrad is a Russian city, situated on the Baltic sea in the mouth of the pregoli river, with the manners of a European aristocrat. The mix of the Russian-Soviet present…

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Antige New York
There are still no Michelin-starred restaurants in Russia. That makes us believe that Russian restaurants do not reach international standards. You might think that the trends, and chefs, and guides…

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“Gin Fizz”: about people and about food

I think I discovered a superpower in front of me closed barely started bars and restaurants. Before I got to the place, which will be this review, had three times to turn around near the locked door. It was like this.

As you remember, this month I walk around the wine bars, and in our city, alas, not so much. One of those guys – “No sommelier” in Kiev, 1. His instagram page beckoned: “Waiting for dinner”, “Come”, “only you are Missing”. Well, as the heart does not respond?
The first time I flew there last week, the bar was closed. Well, I thought: not all such places can work during the week. The situation repeated itself to the last detail a few days later: the beckoning storis, the locked door, the lights out, the ruined evening. Apparently, the poor of SMM-the Manager just said that to drum up more nowhere and no reason. Continue reading

A daily vacation in the “Berth №1»

But recently Обед opened the place in which you can easily forget about everyday life. The beach restaurant “Berth №1” took care of every detail to make you feel at least for a few hours on vacation.

“Berth №1” is located on the picturesque Bank of the Angara river, on the Upper Embankment. Why here well, tell.

1. You can sunbathe and splash in the clean pool.
Yes, no doubt, every morning the pool is looked after, with the help of special devices check the water quality. In the locker rooms there are showers, you can rinse before and after a rest.
It offers comfortable sun loungers and a large selection of circles and mattresses: inflatable unicorns, a slice of pizza, watermelons, donuts – all this is for both children and adults. And it is given to guests free of charge. Continue reading

Like restaurants skimp on the guests and why it’s not always a bad thing?

Experts in the restaurant sector continue to share with their observations. This time Dmitry Honyak, restaurateur, owner of the chain and franchise “Sushi gourmet” told us how to save restaurants on a visit and why it benefits both guests and entrepreneurs.

Dmitry Honyak,
restaurateur, owner of the network and franchise “Sushi gourmet»
Remember the moment in the movie “what do men talk about” when one of the characters talks about visiting a restaurant? About the feeling when the doorman is about to ask: “What are you doing here?”. Unfortunately, many people in our country still maintain the stereotype that restaurants are expensive and inaccessible. Continue reading

Restobar “Parade”: from one to three

Lisa Siropulo fed chef Valery.
Restobar “Parade”: from one to three
One day, seeing the epic mess that was going on in the “Front”, I confess, I thought that this institution will not last six months. But meanwhile, “Front” more than three years, during this time I changed my attitude to it. I was surprised and even inspired by the firmness, courage and desire of the owners of the restobar (a young couple, Svetlana and Yaroslav Dolgov) to stay in the restaurant world of Irkutsk, and soon I began to watch this place with curiosity and even sympathy. However, mostly at a distance, in social networks. Continue reading

Checked little Garden Kitchen & Bar restaurant

To a string of restaurants on the Big Lubyanka added a new institution – Little Garden Kitchen & Bar. The concept is based on light, airy spaces and southern European cuisine. decided to look into the Little Garden and find out, evaluate whether the audience new location.
Little Garden Kitchen & Bar interior
The creators of the institution worked hard to make the guests at the entrance moved from the stone jungle of the capital in a beautiful garden. The interior here meets the atmosphere of the Mediterranean and the abundance of living plants hanging from the multi-level space, and good lighting, light wood and large Windows even in bad Moscow weather give a feeling of warmth and light. Continue reading

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