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Eva Grill looked to the bakery "Corn»
Lisa Seropova decided to make a vacation of it and solemnly gave me the authority to review three similar establishments in a month. Waving her suitcase, she said that in…

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Green gold: everything you wanted to know about avocado
Avocado always seemed very mysterious overseas plant. As soon as he was called, and a vegetable, and nut and was like fruit (but not exactly) of the Laurel family. Avocados…

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Truth in wine: Where to learn wine culture in Moscow
To drink or not to drink – it is not a question! Question: what to drink and how to choose. Today we will analyze where to learn wine culture in…

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“Pita bar”: home simplicity

Even on vacation I can not pass by interesting projects. Ah very wanted to tell you about some institutions. Moreover, Eva Grill externally passed in June “Breakfast” and needs a breather. I’ll take over for a while. And I’ll start with a new place on Karl Marx — “Pete bar”, an institution, the appearance of which I was really happy.

“Pita bar” resembles a small cafe in a European town. Modestly decorated, small space, 5-6 close-set tables, because of the bar is clearly visible kitchen, which employs chefs led by the owner (former chef of a famous institution, by the way). The man and about the menu tells the guests, and prepares for them, and the opinion of the dishes learns. Continue reading

Imaginary creamy sauce and a cracked glass at the vineyard.»

We are working ahead of the curve: the month is not over yet, and I have already visited three institutions of the same subject and started a new portion of reviews. This time I decided to go to the wine bars – it has become very popular in recent years, this topic among Irkutsk restaurateurs. Although it is obvious that the Haute cuisine in the institution format “wine bar” should not wait. In fact, the main task of food in this case – only profitable shade actually what goes here guest.

My first victim was the “Vineyard”, located in 130-m quarter. The wine bar was a super-small room in one of the stylized wooden houses. Continue reading

Where to try Thai dishes in Irkutsk?

Thai cuisine, like all Asian, at the peak of popularity, finally the trend reached Irkutsk. Tom Yam, Tom Kha, small kebabs in spicy sauce, noodles, pancakes “Rotti” — all this is now in the “top”, but, unfortunately, is not always tasty in restaurants.

By trial and error we found a few well-prepared Thai dishes. Five of them were in the restaurant Chin-Chin* on Timiryazev. We will be happy to tell you about each delicacy.

Tom Kha with shrimp Continue reading

Eva Grill visited the trattoria “on the area»

Hiding for a week and a half, I hatched a plan for the next March-throw in one of the Irkutsk wine bars. Apparently, there was a leak, because when I decided to descend into one of these institutions, it was closed for unknown reasons.

Quickly relocated from the city center to the new bar “on the area” – Caffe e Vino (“Coffee and wine”) in Sunny. The move took an unforgivable amount of time, and I arrived at an institution that worked only up to 22 hours, an hour before closing. This largely determined the entire course of my dinner — a little crumpled and hurried. Continue reading

Breakfast with chef. Alexey Fokin, cafe “the Same pillow»

Decided! Open the loop an interview with “Breakfast with the chief.” And the first thing I asked to visit Alexei Fokin, chef of popular projects in the city: bar “Molchanov” restaurant “33” and, of course, “The same pillow” (hereinafter simply “Pillow”). In the legendary cafe and agreed to have Breakfast with Alexei.

Weekday. “Pillow” just opened, and I already had to argue a little with a regular guest of the cafe. She certainly wanted to sit at a table with chairs by the window, which we have chosen with the photographer. The hall was filling up before my eyes; in a rare institution in the morning there is such a revival. Continue reading

"Gin Fizz": about people and about food
I think I discovered a superpower in front of me closed barely started bars and restaurants. Before I got to the place, which will be this review, had three times…


Restobar "Parade": from one to three
Lisa Siropulo fed chef Valery. Restobar "Parade": from one to three One day, seeing the epic mess that was going on in the "Front", I confess, I thought that this…


Relevant recommendations Lisa Siropulo
"You know it's been two and a half years since you released a set of current recommendations?"— I was stunned recently by the editor. «No. And is that really so…


Have a Toba with the sea bass, trofie tuna and copyright Baba
We met the new chef of Moscow restaurants Nobu, visited the recently opened Italian restaurant "Mom will be glad" and the Russian-French Leo, looked at the Central market and the…