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Like restaurants skimp on the guests and why it's not always a bad thing?
Experts in the restaurant sector continue to share with their observations. This time Dmitry Honyak, restaurateur, owner of the chain and franchise "Sushi gourmet" told us how to save…

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Alko end of the year
We began to drink less, but more often. Wine bars now fill all days of the week, as do cocktail bars. Light green wines, cocktails with low alcohol content –…

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In the spotlight: Bread
Today we will tell you how the first bread appeared, what varieties are now popular and where bread is sold, to which there are no questions. Started with the bread…

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Eva Grill tried Breakfast in the cafe “aggie»

“Hey, where in Irkutsk it is possible to have a delicious Breakfast?”— asked me a friend who came to visit from another city. I, to be honest, fell into a complete stupor. Really, where? Well, not for sandwiches in a popular coffee shop to send it.

After studying the question, I realized that most of the good restaurants are open only from noon, so there are few options… but they are. Decided to dedicate the next batch of three related to the topic of Breakfast. Very incidentally saw post in profile the fact that recently opened a new institution in an unusual format for Irkutsk – Breakfast cafe “eggy”. It is located in the premises of culinary club “As is” on Kosova, and opened it, the authors of this project – interior designer Anna Zaigraeva and former editor Tatiana Chertkov. Continue reading

Delicate coffee and hack breakfasts in Cake & Coffee Union

I continue to try breakfasts in Irkutsk catering. The second institution for review this month, I chose a cafe-confectionery Cake & Coffee Union (“Union, cakes and coffee”) that Karl Marx. Once I ran there for lunch, and then the institution did not impress me at all: a vague menu with Shawarma (tasteless, by the way), sandwiches and coffee, sluggish staff and an absolute absence of guests. Decided to give the cafe a second chance to have Breakfast there.

The institution has its own website and quite nice “Instagram”. As the name implies, Cake & Coffee Union specializes in baking: every day there are prepared cakes, pastries and “sweets-joy” (as indicated on the website). Noted for myself that Breakfast is invited at any time. Continue reading

Grosseto trattoria is…

Grosseto is an Italian trattoria with an outdoor summer terrace, located on the Bank of the Angara river, on the Upper Embankment.

This place is:

— Early Breakfast (from 08:00 to 12:00 on weekdays);
— Tasty and hearty lunch or a quiet pleasant dinner;
— Friendly or business meeting;
— Family celebration;
— Children’s birthday. Continue reading

Eva Grill in “BBB” cheered up not coffee, and service

Summer morning include Hiking and breakfasts outside the home. Agree with me? So I decided to walk on Karl Marx and go to one of the institutions. According to my theory, the Belgian restaurant “BBB” is quite suitable for Breakfast: own bakery, European charm.

I went — and was surprised by the strong stuffiness. In the first room there is no air conditioning, and the staff periodically ventilates the room, opening the front door.

In General, I liked the decor: loft, high ceilings, wooden tables, simple lamps, greenery and books on the windowsills. Despite its simplicity, it was comfortable. Continue reading

Meat & Bones: let’s talk about bones

Meat connoisseurs will say, “Well, it’s practically the same thing, three twin brothers cut from the same cut.” Yes, that’s right, the cut one, but the differences are still there.

A little bit of facts. All three of these steaks are cut from a piece called Shortloin, which contains two different cuts. Along one side of the bone is a thin edge (Striploin), on the second side — tenderloin (Tenderloin). Thus, when cutting the cut, Porterhouse and T-Bon steaks combine two types of meat: a tender tenderloin on one side of the T-bone and a thin edge on the other. A club steak (also called a Striploin on the bone) contains only a thin edge, without cutting. The weight of steaks usually ranges from 600 to 900 grams. Continue reading

The adventure of shrimp in Moscow: 5 places where to eat them
Shrimp is always a celebration, a ritual and a waiting. The fact that Russia used to have with beer and without, is the Northern shrimp. It lives in the cold…


How not to "hussar" in a status restaurant and be satisfied: tips for any wallet
There are few people who do not like to visit restaurants. It always gives a festive mood and makes you feel status. But how to protect yourself from the bitter…


Eva Grill looked to the bakery "Corn»
Lisa Seropova decided to make a vacation of it and solemnly gave me the authority to review three similar establishments in a month. Waving her suitcase, she said that in…


Eva Grilling tried baking not for the faint of heart
I continue my may run through the bakeries. This time the object of attention was the institution "Indigo" in Sunny. Once again, I, as worried about the figure, was lucky:…