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Focus: food Designers
Designers of food settled in the kitchens of modern Housewives. No longer need to think about what to cook for dinner, and drag from the store packages – products with…

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Checked Tilda Restaurant
November is a transitional period of adaptation to subzero temperature: you will not walk with the thought: "Now something will come across on the road". It's time for clear routes…

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Top 7 summer novelties in the "world of Eclair»
So on the eve of summer (it will come someday), inspired by the works of the famous confectioner Karim Bourgeois, the masters of the cafe laid out seven new masterpieces…

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A chef is a dream job?

Do you like to watch “Hell’s kitchen” on TV or feel the real pleasure of watching another series about chefs on Netflix? It seems that everything is so simple. But the profession of a chef is more difficult than it is shown on TV. And to become really successful in this business, it is necessary to have a certain character and a number of features.

Nina Makogon,
owner of recruitment Agency for restaurants, hotels and private homes RABOTARESTORAN.RU ahhh! Teacher of business schools RMA and Novikov school on the topic of recruitment and career building in restaurants. In the fall of 2019, will book “Who want to restaurateurs? Career guide.” Continue reading

The adventure of shrimp in Moscow: 5 places where to eat them

Shrimp is always a celebration, a ritual and a waiting. The fact that Russia used to have with beer and without, is the Northern shrimp. It lives in the cold waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, apparently small and pink. But not them. Our interest today — large and medium-sized, fleshy and sometimes scary, but bloody delicious moregate, which is served in Moscow restaurants.
From the point of view of creativity, the dish is quite boring, but only quality, freshness and imagination are important here. Without these components — this is the story of failed expectations and broken hope. For this article, a lot of shrimp was eaten, five chefs and sommeliers were interviewed. After all, without a decent wine and rest in the restaurant is not the same. Continue reading

Where to celebrate the wedding in autumn?

The peak of weddings falls on the beginning of autumn. During this period, the newlyweds will meet not as hot weather as in summer, and unpredictable and capricious. Today the sun can Shine, tomorrow – there is a heavy rain. Weather surprises can be enough, and it is impossible to predict the rainy season (forecasters are also often wrong). The way out is to find a great place where you can hold a wedding ceremony in case of rain and celebrate the wedding in a comfortable environment. Where to celebrate the wedding in autumn? Below we publish a list of places where you will be welcome.

The concert-hall “Allegro”
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What is Munchkin and what does it eat?

You may not know what “manching” is, but you may have already planned it for the evening! Behind the incomprehensible borrowed word lies a well-known and loved by many process — a snack during another action, for example, reading, gatherings with the company, watching a movie or TV series. Combine the pleasant with the pleasant: plan a fun vacation, call friends and prepare one of the options of hearty, crispy snacks.
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How not to “hussar” in a status restaurant and be satisfied: tips for any wallet

There are few people who do not like to visit restaurants. It always gives a festive mood and makes you feel status. But how to protect yourself from the bitter disappointment that arises when the purse was empty, and instead of the joy of the dishes there is only a full stomach and a sense of frustration? The material will focus on what dishes should and should not be preferred when visiting the restaurant, if you plan a “budget” visit that will not hit the wallet. Continue reading

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Truth in wine: Where to learn wine culture in Moscow
To drink or not to drink – it is not a question! Question: what to drink and how to choose. Today we will analyze where to learn wine culture in…


Eva Grilling tried baking not for the faint of heart
I continue my may run through the bakeries. This time the object of attention was the institution "Indigo" in Sunny. Once again, I, as worried about the figure, was lucky:…


History of vodka, and where to drink it in Moscow restaurants
31 January in the gastronomic calendar is informally appointed as the birthday of vodka. The choice of this date is supported by the fact that on this day in 1865…


Delicate coffee and hack breakfasts in Cake & Coffee Union
I continue to try breakfasts in Irkutsk catering. The second institution for review this month, I chose a cafe-confectionery Cake & Coffee Union ("Union, cakes and coffee") that Karl Marx.…